*Autumn Special Offers*

As the days darken, the weather becomes colder and the Cold & Flu season approaches support and boost your well being, and navigate those winter months in better health, with the help of our special Autumn Offers!

These offers are available until December 31st, 2017.

3 Session Wellness Programmes

A set of three 1 hour Bioresonance treatment sessions specially designed to address specific issues.  Each package includes:

  • Bioresonance treatment to restore the body’s overall energies and balance, improve function and remove burdens for better overall health and well being with uniquely designed programmes relevant to the specific issue.
  • A remedy following each session to continue treatment between appointments uniquely produced for your own specific needs
  • Dietary, lifestyle and supplement advice specific to your own individual needs
  • and as a special bonus a free Perfectly Balanced charm programmed with relevant frequencies to provide ongoing gentle support to the body (Normal Price: £24.99)

Cost: 3 Session Wellness Programme – £150


Choose from the following Wellness Programmes:

Improved Energy And Immune Support – Emerging research indicates that the secret to better health in our modern world of increased pollution, growing environment burdens and the ongoing emergence of potential ‘super bugs’ is a strong immune system.  Boost and protect yours with this programme for better overall well being and energy levels. Ideal for the start of the Flu & Cold season and as a general programme for overall better health.

Post Illness & Post Operative – A bout of illness or a surgical intervention can leave our bodies depleted and susceptible to further problems.  This programme will help you to reboot after an operation or bout of illness by recharging and resetting your immune system and boosting energy levels whilst specially designed programmes are included to aid healing and recovery.

Manageable Menopause – Going through the menopause does not have to be an uncomfortable or distressing experience.  With the right help and support it is possible to manage and relieve the symptoms of menopause allowing you to move into the next fantastic stage of your life with energy, vitality and ease.  The Manageable Menopause Wellness Programme assists you by balancing hormone levels, supporting the body through the physiology and psychological changes and boosting energy.

Allergies – Allergies are a key factor in ill health, putting the immune system under constant strain and, as as result, impeding standard physiological function in the body.  Reduce the unpleasantness of allergies and food sensitivities by helping the body to desensitise to the allergen, reset the body’s overactive stress response and, as as result, relieve symptoms.


Wellness Top Up Sessions

On completion of any one of the Wellness Programmes you will have the opportunity to continue support through 45 minute Wellness Top Up sessions as required.  Cost £35


Don’t live near enough to attend the Practice in person? 

No problem!  These Wellness Programmes are also available with the Hair Analysis option!


For more details, to discuss your specific requirements and to book contact us on 07884 250430 or email info@lifewaves.co.uk


Vitamins & Minerals

Support your body through the winter months with our special Autumn Supplement Package:

The Autumn Supplement Package contains the following Nature’s Aid products:

  • EchinEeze (Echinacea) – to boost immune function
  • Vitamin C – to boost immune function and protect against infection
  • Vitamin D – to protect against a lack of sunshine!  Important for bone health, immune function and energy levels.

Purchase all 3 together in the Autumn Supplement Package for £15.00 (plus £2.90 postage & packaging) (Non Offer Practice Price £18.05).  This discount is on top of the Practice standard 10% discount so represents excellent value!  To view details and purchase click here.

All products are free from Artificial Flavours, Colours and Preservatives, and are Gluten Free.


Protect and pamper yourself this Autumn with a special offer from the Perfectly Balanced range!

The Autumn Comfort Pack:

  • A Daily Energy Balancing Perfectly Balanced Silver Charm. Boost your energy on a daily basis with this small silver charm programmed with specific Daily Energy Balancing bioresonance frequencies which can be worn discreetly on a necklace, bracelet, or attached to clothing.
  • Rest & Relax Perfectly Balanced Salts. High quality mineral salts, chosen for their own unique therapeutic qualities, infused with specially selected Rest & Relax bioresonance frequencies to gently aid and support the body. Soak away the worries of the day!

The Autumn Comfort pack can be yours for the special price of £26 (plus £2.90 postage and packaging)  (Non Offer Price: £32.98)

To view details and purchase click here.


And not to forget our furry and feathered friends …...

Receive a special 15% discount on all Tranquil Pet tags purchased before December 31st, 2017.  Simply use the code autumnoffer at the checkout to receive your discount. To learn more about Tranquil Pets and purchase yours click here.


Please note: Whilst the Life Waves Practice recommends a holistic approach to health it is recommended to consult a medical professional for all medical conditions.

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