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Here at the Life Waves Practice we have developed a range of products for both our human clients and our animal ones to help with a range of issues and symptoms.  Using the cutting edge Rayonex technology, our products are uniquely infused and programmed with Bioresonance frequencies to offer gentle, non invasive, and discreet support for a  wide range of symptoms, conditions, and emotional support, or as a general aid to better well being in our modern world.

Our products are designed to be used either on their own as standalone support or inconjunction with personalised treatment to further enhance the effect, and are ideal for home and personal use – treatment made easy!

Beautifully packaged, and provided with instructions where appropriate, these products not only provide an essential and pampering addition to your own healthcare regime but also make thoughtful, unique and caring gifts.

For You …….


The Perfectly Balanced range offers a variety of 100% natural body care products and small sliver charms uniquely programmed with relevant bioresonance frequencies specifically selected to help with key conditions and symptoms.  Through use of the products frequencies are gently emitted into the body providing a balancing and healing effect.

Use either to enhance your personal 1:1 treatment sessions or as gentle support to your body as part of your overall health regime.  Designed to work together, these beautiful products are made with the finest ingredients and quality items, and offer a special opportunity to nourish both body and soul.  Treatment at home – made easy!

Perfectly Balanced Charms

Small silver charms programmed with specific bioresonance frequencies which can be worn discreetly on a necklace, bracelet, or attached to clothing.  Choose from uniquely selected programme combinations to help with Stress & Tiredness, Menopause, Hormonal Imbalances, Aches & Pains, Sleep Problems, Skin Conditions, Headaches, or for a general energy boost select the Daily Energy Rebalancing option.

“My charm by the way is amazing, I wear it on a bracelet all the time and I swear it has made quite a big difference to my energy levels – brilliant!” – Anita

Each charm comes beautifully packaged in a small gift bag and with full instructions for use.

Cost: £24.99 ( +£2.90 Post & Packaging)


 Perfectly Balanced Salts

High quality mineral salts, chosen for their own unique therapeutic qualities, infused with specially selected bioresonance frequencies to gently aid and support the body.  Simply add a handful to a warm bath and soak for 15-20 minutes.  The ultimate relaxing treatment!

Choose from:

Rest & Relax – Gorgeous Himalayan Salts infused with Rest & Relax bioresonance frequencies. Let the day’s worries melt into the bath – relax and aid restful sleep.

Muscle Ease – Quality Epsom Salts, renowned for their relaxing qualities, infused with Muscle Ease bioresonance frequencies.  Relax those tired, aching muscles.

Skin Aid – Beautiful Dead Sea Salts, known for their abilities to improve the skin, infused with Skin Aid bioresonance frequencies.  Relieve the unpleasantness of skin disorders and soften the skin.

All salts are supplied in 500g containers.

Cost: £7.99 (+£2.90 Post & Packaging)


Perfectly Balanced Body Butter

Luxurious body butter made with 100% natural ingredients and uniquely infused with specially selected Bioresonance frequencies to gently aid and support the body.

Apply a pea sized amount of body butter to the skin and smooth across… For the best results apply to slightly damp skin and allow the rich butter to be naturally absorbed while allowing the frequencies to gently emit into the body providing a balancing and healing effect.

Choose from:

Muscle Ease – to relax those tired, aching muscles and joints.  Ideal for all muscular and skeletal conditions.

Skin Aid – to help relieve the unpleasantness of skin disorders and soften the skin.

All body butters are supplied in 100g containers.

Cost: £9.99 (+£2.90 Post & Packaging)


All our products use only pure ingredients with no harmful chemicals, SLS nor parabens and are not tested on animals. For a full list of ingredients in all our products click here.

Don’t see what you’re looking for?  Contact info@lifewaves.co.uk to discuss your own unique requirements.


And For Our Animal Friends …….

Do you have a pet or other much loved animal who is maybe struggling a little with modern day life?

Perhaps they become distressed when left on their own, bark or whine a lot, dislike meeting or mixing with other animals, appear to have a fear of loud noises, going out, children or some other part of their world? Perhaps you’re suspicious that their on going health complaints, such as excessive scratching or licking, have an emotional cause? Perhaps they are a rescue animal who you know has had a traumatic past.

Just like us our pets, horses and animals sometimes need a little emotional help to navigate an often strange and stressful modern world. Tranquil Pets offers a gentle, drug free solution for these sensitive animals.

Tranquil Pets provide emotional support to sensitive animals using Bioresonance frequencies for relevant issues programmed into a tag to be worn on a collar or harness, or placed under the bedding for instance.

Choose from:

Rest & Relax – for animals that find it hard to settle, are a little too boisterous or restless.  To bring calm and peace into their lives.

Meet & Greet – for animals who find it hard to socialise, become shy or agitated when meeting new people, other animals or new items in their lives.  Help them enjoy the company of others.

All Change – for animals struggling with a period of change – a new member of the family, a new home or environment, a new routine.  Allow them to cope with the experience better and settle quicker.  Ideal for moving house!

My Own Company – for animals who don’t like to be left on their own, who whine, bark or cry a lot when someone isn’t in their immediate environment.  Help them find pleasure in their own company, and feel happier to be left alone.

Sleep Like A Baby – for animals who find settling on a night difficult, who wake early or are resting badly in any way.  Help aid restful and relaxed sleep.

Peace & Quiet – for animals who don’t like loud noises, are gun shy or frightened of thunder.  To help them relax and de-stress.

Each tag comes beautifully packaged in a small gift bag and with full instructions for use – an essential part of your pet care routine or an ideal and unusual gift for a caring pet owner.


Cost: £19.99 (+£2.90 Post & Packaging)

Or £9.99 (+P&P) if purchased alongside an Initial Analysis.  Click here for details.


And for a specific remedy combination uniquely programme to your animal’s needs why not try one of our personalised Tranquil Pets.  For more information click here.


Terms & Conditions


Please note: All our products are for external use only.  Not suitable for use during pregnancy or for small children.  Do not use on broken skin.  Seek professional advice for all medical conditions.

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