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Modern medicine has made some fantastic advances, helps so many people and saves lives, but what is becoming more apparent is that its symptoms based approach to health is less able to deal with many of the conditions we now face as a result of living in our modern world.  As a result more and more people are struggling with poor health, living daily with, at best, irritating symptoms if not conditions which have a significant impact on their lives, and becoming frustrated by the lack of solutions to their problems. 

Perhaps the time has come, therefore, for us to start to take a different view of our well being – a more preventative approach aiming to address the potential causes of ill health rather than trying to solve the resulting illness – in essence to turn our view of health and how we deal with poor well being on its head!

So throughout 2019 I will be doing as many different things as I can to help as many of you who want to do just that! 

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Currently In Project Better Health


*Free* 6 Part Video Series – ‘A New Look At Stress’ – Starting Monday January 28th

I am inviting you to join me for a free 6 part video series taking a whole new look at stress, its impact on our health, and most importantly what you can do about it – and I can guarantee that this approach will be nothing like you’ve tried before and so much easier than anything else!

To find out more and join click here

*A Special Offer On Treatment*

All standard treatment sessions booked and taken between January 1st, 2019 and March 31st, 2019 just £60!

Bioresonance Therapy (especially the Rayonex approach I use at the Practice) can offer so much help with regards to identifying and addressing underlying causes of poor health – in fact its whole ethos is as a ’cause orientated’ approach.  But sadly in this country it is still only available as a private therapy which can result in cost becoming a barrier for some to access it (and none of us want to spend more than we have to, even to improve our health!).  Obviously I need to make a living too or I couldn’t stay in business and therefore couldn’t help anyone!  However I want to help as much as I can so between January 1st 2019 and March 31st 2019 I am offering all standard treatment sessions for just £60.

Why between January and March?

Well, this is the time when our energies are naturally at their lowest, winter based bugs start to take their toll (just look at the impact this has on the NHS) and therefore more of us probably start to feel that we need some help with our health.  So hopefully an offer on treatment will provide some support to you when you need it most!

How it works ….

It’s easy! All standard 75 minute treatment sessions booked and taken between January 1st and March 31st, 2019 will be just £60. This includes the hair analysis option and animal appointments too (we mustn’t forget our furry friends!) and is open to all whether you have had treatment at the Practice before or not.  If you have already booked an appointment during that time then your session will only be £60 too.

How to book?

Just get in touch – email or contact me on 07884 250430– and if you haven’t had treatment before then I’m more than happy to discuss how treatment could help your own unique situation – just give me a ring or drop me a line.


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