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Treatment At The Practice

Our highly individualised approach harnesses the power of Bioresonace According To Paul Schmidt, an energy based therapy, to assess and deliver exactly what your body requires not just with treatment, but the precise supplement, dietary and lifestyle changes that will make the difference for you, that will work with your body not against it.

Bioresonance Therapy

A bespoke treatment approach to help resolve health issues and regain natural balance, so important for better long term well being.

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Bioresonance Therapy

Hair Analysis Service

Bioresonance treatment for those who live too far away from the Practice to attend in person.

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Hair Analysis Service

Animal Health

Bioresonance Therapy for your pets, birds, horses and livestock

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Animal Health

Mini Bioresonance Treatments

Short ‘treatment only’ sessions designed to address specific health concerns and conditions.

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Bioresonance Treatment At Home

Enjoy the same direct bioresonance treatment as you receive at the Practice but in the comfort of your own home.

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Allergy & Food Sensitivity Testing

Comprehensive testing covering over 200 different substances.

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Sarah Bainbridge BSc (Hons), MBA, Dip BM (Hons), SBRCP (Bioresonance Medicine)

Sarah is a certified Bioresonance Practitioner According to Paul Schmidt. Having experienced health issues herself, and discovering the incredible benefits of Bioresonance Therapy as a solution, Sarah wanted to provide others with the chance to access this approach. Following training at the renowned Academy Of Bioregulatory Medicine in London under the directorship of Dr Shakambet and Dr Bosh, pioneers of Bioregulatory Medicine, and qualification with a Post Graduate Diploma in Bioresonance Medicine, Sarah founded the Life Waves Practice and has since helped many people to experience a return to better health. Her work has enabled her to publish a number of articles relating to the treatment provided at the Practice and the nature of ill health, and she has appeared on the Nature Connections radio show. Sarah has been nominated for an ICNM award whilst the Practice itself has been featured in the well known publication ‘What Doctors Don’t Tell You’. Sarah is registered with the British Register For Complementary Practitioners and has been awarded Senior Practitioner status for Bioresonance Medicine whilst also acting as a BRCP Advisor in this area.

Certified Bioresonance Practitioner According To Paul Schmidt
The Life Waves Practice, Green Lane Centre, Green Lane, Whitby. YO22 4EH

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