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At this time of year many of us are jetting off to warmer climes

Either for a welcome annual break, or in the case of many students and the more adventurous, for a longer trip to see the world. However without a little care and attention you may come home with more than a nice tan and some good photos!  Today I’m going to share with some quick and easy measures you can take to protect your health whilst travelling and ensure the memories you have of your trip are only good ones.

Whilst it is just as easy to pick up bacteria, viruses and parasites staying put in this country, travelling increases our exposure to a wider range

And differing climates, diets and environments can pressurise our immune system therefore compromising its ability to fight these things off. As a result your trip may leave you with some unpleasant side effects such as digestive problems, muscular skeletal symptoms and general ill health.

Not that I’m trying to put you off travelling!

With some simple precautions it is possible to experience the pleasures of foreign travel without the downsides.

Follow these simple rules to safeguard your health and well-being.

1.Protecting your health begins before you travel.

Boost your immune system with a course of Echinacea. Not just for the cold and flu season, Echinacea is a fantastic anti parasitic, antiviral and antibacterial agent, helping to prepare your system for what it may come into contact with whilst away.

2. Continue your protection while you travel.

Air travel is notorious for picking up bugs and viruses. The large number of people in a confined space together with recycled air makes it ideal for spreading stuff around. Again step forward Echinacea. Use it a as a spray into your throat about half an hour before you board and immediately after you disembark. If your flight is more than 3 hours long use it again about half way through your flight. Again the spray is protecting you from what you may be breathing in.

3. While away beware of the source of your water.

The majority of parasites, bacteria, etc. are spread in dirty water. Only drink water from a known source and make sure bottled water in restaurants comes to your table unopened! Don’t have ice cubes in your drinks unless you are sure of the source and that tongs or a scoop have been used rather than maybe less than clean hands (the same also applies in this country of course!). Colloidal silver is a great water purifier and also anti parasitic substance so always worth having with you.

4. Avoid bites.

Along with water, insect bites are a prime source of parasite, bacteria and viral infections of all types. The easiest thing is to avoid being bitten in the first place.  Commercial insect sprays are full of chemicals and may not be all that effective. For a more natural solution use citronella spray.

5. Finally be sure to pack a bottle of Rescues Remedy or equivalent.

This mixture of 5 Bach flower remedies is a great emergency aid helping with anything from a minor fall and a fear of flying, for instance, to a major trauma.


So here’s to happy and healthy travelling.

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