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Looking at the title you would be forgiven for thinking that I’m going to be talking about how our levels of optimism (or not!) affects our health.  Whilst this is an important subject – and a good idea for a future article! – it isn’t actually today’s theme.  What I am going to be looking at is an analogy for maintaining better health which I’ve found useful in the past and I know many of my clients do, so hopefully you will too!

Aiming to be completely free of anything that could make us ill, the causal factors I talk so much about, is probably an unrealistic goal.

Given the world we now live in, the levels of pollution, EMFs, poorer quality food, and increasing overall stresses we are subject to on a daily basis, it is just about impossible to be perfectly healthy all the time, and of course there is the argument that even if this was achievable it wouldn’t, in fact, be that good for us as the Immune System works better if it’s put to work on a regular basis.

So if we can’t aim for perfect health, what are we trying to achieve?

The best way I see to understand our wellbeing, and how to improve and maintain it, is to see our health as a glass of water.  As we move through our life we are continually putting more water in the glass in the form of potential disturbances such as chemicals, toxins, bugs and bacteria, and taking them out as our self-regulatory processes do their thing.

 As such the level of water in the glass moves up and down which in itself isn’t a problem.

Issues can occur when the levels start to get too high.  At this point the body starts to give us a warning that it’s reaching its limit in the form of symptoms, symptoms which get increasingly persistent as the ‘water’ level rises – a little like your phone or computer warning you when its storage is nearly full.

And of course if the levels get too high there is the danger that an extra disturbance, in the form of a cold that’s going around, an extra bit of stress, or an injury for instance, can cause the glass to overflow putting the body into a free fall of poor health.  There’s simply no spare space to accommodate that extra ‘water’!

So actually improving health is a matter of keeping the levels in your glass as low as possible

And as numerous things can fill your glass, taking small steps in many different areas can help to empty it again – a good diet, reducing exposure to EMFs, chemicals and toxins, addressing stress, and providing your body with gentle nutritional and therapeutic support.

So how full is your glass of health?

Is your body trying to tell you it’s reaching overload and about to overflow? And what can you do to reduce the level today?

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