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My New Year’s resolutions are to eat healthily and take more exercise!

Sound familiar? After the excesses of Christmas our thoughts traditionally turn to a healthier lifestyle for the New Year.  But why is it that sometimes this doesn’t seem to quite do the trick and those niggling aliments, draining tiredness and general feeling of being unwell just won’t seem to go away?

Whilst good fresh food, gentle exercise and reduced stress are absolutely crucial to good health they are not the only factors involved.  Complementary therapy sees ‘health’ as balance within the body – a state where everything is working in harmony.  The body, though, is a complex and amazing organism reacting continually to what’s going on in the world around you as well as the ever changing environment within you.

Consequently maintaining balance is an intricate process! 

It is argued that this harmonious state of affairs known as health can be upset by a handful of key causes which create an unbalanced and toxic environment within the body – an ideal playground for bacteria, viruses and parasites!  Illness, therefore, can be seen as a reflection of the overall health of the body’s tissues rather than purely the presence of ‘germs’.  Could this possibly explain why some people catch the ‘bug’ that’s going around and others don’t?

So what are these key causes?

It is believed that one of the primary causes of illness and ill health is the accumulation of different kinds of toxins in the body which block the body’s cells healthy function.  Rather like interference on your radio, the toxins ‘scramble’ the communication signals constantly whizzing around your body leading to turmoil and confusion!  Think of a giant game of Chinese Whispers during a loud pop concert!

So where do these toxins come from?

eSmog, the harmful electromagnetic fields from our mobile phones, wireless networks and numerous electrical devices are a primary source as are geographically based electromagnetic force in the form of geostress.  Environmental toxins and heavy metals are another main cause together with acidity in the body from a poor diet, such as too many mince pies and Christmas pudding!  These, in addition to a lack of adequate hydration, restrict the body’s ability to remove excess toxicity further.  Your internal tissue environment becomes even more toxic and an ever increasing vicious circle of ill health begins.

It is believed that only be removing this toxic overload can the body truly return to good health creating healthy tissues in which bacteria, parasites and viruses cannot get a hold. So all you need do is to get rid of the toxins!

Sound’s great doesn’t it but how to go about it?  

Prevention is always better than a cure so reducing your exposure to these toxins or avoiding them altogether is the best solution.  Limiting use of a mobile phone, using more natural cleaning products and watching the amount of refined carbohydrates you eat, for instance, will help.  However, in reality complete avoidance is not always possible and once the body’s balance has been disturbed reversing the effects can be problematic with few traditional approaches being able to effectively fully tackle the damage including those seemingly wonderful detox products advertised so enthusiastically at this time of year!  At this point more direct action in the form of treatment with Bioresonance Therapy, for instance, may be required.


So certainly aim to stick to those New Year’s resolutions to eat well and exercise more – a great way to reverse the effects of an over indulgent Christmas on the eating and drinking front! 

But if seemingly un-resolvable troublesome ailments continue then maybe you too are affected by one or more of these toxins. If so, look at your lifestyle to see where you can reduce your possible exposure – these previous blog posts will help:

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And if you feel that problems are more set in then maybe seek some additional help.  Book your free ‘I Want My Health’ Back session with me to start you on your way by clicking here.

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