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CBD oil is fast becoming the latest good health phenomenon.

Its use, and the wider debate about medicinal cannabis (and the legalisation of cannabis itself) has certainly featured often in the news of late, and many clients are now asking about it in clinic.

CBD oil seems to be popping up everywhere –

in health food stores, vaping stores (yes really – I saw a vaping oil containing CBD oil being advertised!) and there’s even talk of adding it to certain food products and drinks, for example.

But does it live up to the hype, and is it really safe and effective to use?

The positive impact cannabis in its medicinal form can have on some chronic conditions cannot be disputed.  The examples of those children who suffer from severe epilepsy being able to lead a near normal life while using it, for instance, is certainly testimony to that.  And I’m sure that many have found using CBD oil beneficial to their health.

However what must be borne in mind is that just because it is a natural product it doesn’t mean that it is going to be helpful for everyone, or even safe for everyone that uses it in any form they may choose to do so. 

In the same way that a degree of caution must be taken when using supplements, herbal or other natural remedies due to the possible effects of taking the wrong thing in the wrong dose, care needs to be taken with CBD oil too.  We are all individuals with our own unique bio chemistry, and therefore what may be right or beneficial for one person need not necessarily be ideal for another!

So, as an example, I have tested a number of my clients to see whether CBD oil would be helpful for them, and so far few have, in fact, tested positively.  I have even had one client who had made themselves quite poorly by inadvertently taking the substance as it was contained in another remedy.

So should you use CBD Oil or not?

Well, without wishing to sit on the fence (!), the answer is – it depends.

The same advice applies to this as to the decision you may make to take any natural remedy or supplement:

  • Do your research carefully – don’t just rely on what your friend says or the advertising hype.
  • Always choose the best quality product you can – buy from a reputable source such as an independent health food store (I certainly wouldn’t recommend the vaping option!)
  • Start with a low dose and increase slowly monitoring for any side effects as you go.  If you do get any either stop using the oil or reduce your dose as appropriate.
  • If at all possible seek advice and guidance from a professional therapist

And remember, with Bioresonance we can test totally objectively if it is going to work for you or not by identifying if the energy footprint of the product is compatible with your own.  So if you’re already a client at the Practice and are interested in CBD oil ask to be tested at your next appointment.  And if you’re not yet receiving treatment then get in touch to discuss the possibilities available.

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