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There is a well known experiment –

an experiment which, in a sense, formed the basis of Quantum Physics as it sparked the idea that the world may not be as it seems, and that the traditional rules of physics that we use to explain that world may not, in fact, truly represent what is actually going on.  In this experiment, which has now been repeated many times, it was discovered that particles of energy, the building blocks of everything, actually behave differently depending on whether they were being observed or not!  In other words they appeared in one form when being watched and another when they weren’t.

And the implications of this?

Well, whereas previously we believed that our world was pretty much a fixed entity, this finding seemed to suggest that maybe it wasn’t.  That solid form could, in fact, change, and what that change was depended on who or what was involved in the process, e.g. who was watching at the time, leading to the view that in fact nothing in our world is a given, everything could change, and the possibilities available as to what it could change into are potentially endless.

Sound a little farfetched?  Well let me give you a more real world example.  

It is well understood that our brains filter the information that we gather through our various senses.  So we aren’t actually aware of everything that surrounds us, just an edited version.  If we didn’t do this we would simply become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of data and would be unable to function.  The filters that our brains use depend on our own personal beliefs, expectations or thoughts at the time.  Ever been considering buying a new model of car and suddenly that car seems to be everywhere whereas before you’ve never noticed one?  That’s simply because your brain is using that new car model as one of its current filters.  They’ve always been there, it’s just that you haven’t noticed them before!  An example of your world changing depending on the observations at the time.

All well and good you may be thinking but how does this relate to health –

after all that’s usually what I write about!

If our world is actually a collection of endless possibilities, with what we experience at any given point dependent on our brain’s current filters, then our health is obviously the same.

Now before I go any further let me be absolutely clear that I am in no way suggesting that any symptoms you may currently be experiencing are a creation of your imagination!

Buy could our expectations around these symptoms, the labels we give ourselves, the information we are told actually be limiting the possibilities available to us?

Remember, our world changes depending on the observer.  If you tell yourself that you don’t handle stress very well then your brain will use this filter.  As a result you’ll ‘see’ all those times when you don’t handle it well and not those when you do (and believe me there will be many times when you handle potential stress extremely well!).

Our knowledge and expectations around symptoms and conditions can, in effect, ‘blind’ us to other possibilities –

Something that is deemed impossible to rectify could in fact be solved if we open ourselves to seeing or exploring other opportunities, or we may not ‘see’ all the ways in which we are well, for instance, as our current symptom filters edit this information out of our experience.  Could it be that by opening to the possibility that nothing with regards to our expectations surrounding our health and well-being is fixed we may have a different experience of it, and that we can start to see previously unseen solutions?

So are you inadvertently limiting your view of your health and missing out on that world of possibilities?

Try playing with the idea that things don’t necessarily have to be as you expect and see what happens – you may be surprised!

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