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My name is Sarah Bainbridge and I, like you, have experienced the frustration of ill health, stress and poor energy levels, struggling to find out why I was unwell and disheartened by worsening symptoms that nothing seemed to help.

My own story began when I found myself as the mother of a young baby, working full time and looking after a family, struggling with increasing tiredness and a feeling of just not being well, all of which I just put down to the pressures of the ‘job’. Months later, with increasingly severe symptoms and after endless inconclusive check ups, clear blood tests and appointments with consultants, the only explanation there appeared to be was that it might be IBS caused by stress – the “really it’s all in your head and you just need to relax” diagnosis!

I turned to complementary medicine and tried a number of different therapies all of which gave me some relief to my problems but never really solving the issue completely. But just as I had almost given up hope of ever feeling well again, I found Bioresonance and a fantastic therapist who helped me understand the true causes of ill health. I can’t believe how ill I felt back then and how much better I feel now. Whilst I still have to be careful to protect my own health I finally know what to do and why.


My own experience has made me passionate about the possibilities of Bioresonance Therapy linked with a wider understanding of ill health and poor well being, its causes and the strategies needed to resolve issues. I wanted to provide others with the chance to access this approach so undertook training at the renowned Academy Of Bioregulatory Medicine in London under the directorship of Dr Shakambet and Dr Bosh, pioneers of Bioregulatory Medicine.

On gaining a Post Graduate Diploma in Bioresonance Medicine I started the Life Waves Practice and have since had the privilege to help many others experience the potential life changing transformation I still feel so lucky to have had myself. My ongoing wish is to help more people, like you, access the benefits of this unique approach to restoring good health.



“I had been in hospital with jaundice due to a gallstone that had become stuck in the bile duct. After the procedure to remove the stone, I was told that I would have to have my gallbladder removed. I wanted to avoid the operation so decided to try Bioresonance as I had been told it could help. I also had been diagnosed with a hiatus hernia and used to have awful trouble with my stomach for which I was taking medication.

Sarah is a very knowledgeable Practitioner; I felt relaxed and reassured by her. The treatment itself was also very relaxing with nothing to do except chat or read a book, and I occasionally even fell asleep.

I feel so much better now. I have much more energy and have been virtually symptom-free for about 9 months. I am truly grateful. Thank you so much Sarah.” – Karen

If you want to find out more about how treatment at the Practice could help you then why not contact me for a free, no obligation informal chat about your own unique situation and the possibilities available?

Contact me on 07884 250430, or email here 

I really look forward to talking to you!

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