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Is poor health an inevitable part of growing old?

Modern medicine would certainly like us to believe so with the ‘What can you expect at your age?’ becoming almost a standard response when anyone of a certain maturity seeks help from a medical professional.  Increasing levels of so called age related conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Osteoporosis, Diabetes, Heart Conditions, Arthritis, and, in some cases, Cancer (together with many other chronic, difficult to treat conditions) are, we are told, a result of an ageing population, the argument being that as we are now living longer there is more time for these illnesses to develop (in contrast to previously when we died younger so they didn’t have time to show!).

But is this true?

In a word – no – as can be seen, sadly, with the growing number of younger people who are also developing these diseases.

We, like everything else in nature, are not designed to last forever,

and in reality I think there are very few of us who would actually want to!  From a physiological point of view as we age our body’s ability to produce energy, the key ingredient to all life, reduces.  Put simply we eventually run out of energy – our batteries go flat.  But this doesn’t necessarily mean that we will become ill along the way.  Even with less energy our body will continue to do what it needs to do to stay healthy as long as it has the all important homeostatic balance, the ability to self regulate.

So if it isn’t our age what does cause these conditions?

Actually it’s our lifestyles – living in a modern western world.

It’s not the reduction in energy that causes the problem, it’s the constant onslaught of toxins, chemicals, stress, EMFs, poor diets, over medication and the resulting pathogens that is the issue.  It is these that disrupt our precious self regulation, reducing the body’s ability to deal with damage and dysregulation, leading to symptoms and subsequent ill health.

Consequently it is the increase in the levels of these environmental, physical and emotional stresses that are causing the raise in the ‘age related’ conditions and not just ageing itself.

Naturally the reduction in energy production we experience as we grow older doesn’t help the situation – the body has less fuel to deal with the problem potentially making the situation worse. But all this means is that we need to be even more careful about the life we lead to give ourselves more protection.  And it doesn’t have to be hard!  Reduce your exposure to chemicals, toxins and EMFs, use natural products wherever possible and feasible, reduce your exposure to EMFs, eat a balanced healthy diet with the best quality food you can afford, stay hydrated, take gentle exercise, worry less and enjoy life!

Simple measures to lead as long and healthier life as possible.  So what can you expect as you grow older?  To be well of course – whatever your age!

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