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Whilst allergies and food sensitivities often occur due to deeper disturbances to the body’s self regulation, knowing which substances are potentially creating an allergic or sensitivity response provides you with valuable information about what you need to limit your exposure to in order to support your health going forward.

The Life Waves Practice Allergy & Food Sensitivity Testing Service aims to provide you with this information.

This comprehensive testing covers:

  • Over 140 different foods & beverages
  • Over 30 different food additives and colourings
  • Environmental toxins including heavy metals, chemicals, plastics, pesticides and moulds
  • Common allergens including pet fur, feathers, pollen, grasses, house dust and mites
  • Household Cleaners & Personal Care Products

In addition it is possible to test any of your own products or substances, and to identify potential substitutes for any substances that don’t test well for you, to provide a truly individualised service.

Allergy & Food Sensitivity Testing can be carried out as a face to face appointment at the Practice or via the hair analysis service if you live too far away from the Practice to attend in person.

Allergy & Food Sensitivity Test: £55 including a full report of the results of testing.


Allergy Desensitisation 

Using Bioresonance Therapy it is possible to desensitise the body to the substances your system is currently launching an out of balance immune (allergy) response to.  In effect this is ‘retraining’ the body’s immune response to the substance, and can therefore help to reduce symptoms and improve your overall health.

Desensitisation usually takes a number of sessions to achieve depending on the severity of the allergy being addressed.  A full Allergy & Food Sensitivity test needs to have been completed first.

Allergy Desensitisation Session – £35

If you would like to discuss your own specific needs or book an Allergy & Food Sensitivity session, then please don’t hesitate to contact me on 01947 605699or email here.

You can also book your session online by clicking here.

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