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Bioresonance Therapy takes a cause orientated approach to good health.

Whereas modern medicine is often symptom focused, looking to relieve symptoms being experienced, Bioresonance, like other complementary therapies, aims to identify and treat the underlying causes of those symptoms – what has disrupted the body’s self-regulatory processes and is therefore preventing it from carrying out its natural ability to heal itself.

There are many things that can disturb the body’s balance such as chemicals, toxins, poor diet and stress but there is one element that is, perhaps, one of the main causes of poor health in our modern world, creates a huge disturbance on the body, and is a growing but often unseen problem – eSmog – harmful electromagnetic frequencies every present in our environment.

EMFs are something that I often refer to when talking about improving and maintaining better health, and those of you who have had treatment at the Practice will know that it is something we look at in a lot of depth in the first sessions.  But because it is a disturbance that we can sadly never be entirely clear of these days, cannot be seen, and its source forms such a large part of our everyday lives, it can be easy to become a little complacent about it, allowing our exposure levels to creep up again.  So well worth taking another look at the impact it can have on us, and, most importantly, what we can do to keep the disturbance to the lowest levels possible!

So just a quick reminder about what eSomg actually is ….

As noted above, eSmog is essentially the harmful electromagnetic frequencies or EMFs emitted from all those things that are such a large part of our increasingly technological lives – computers, tablets, mobile phones, WiFi, electrical equipment, cordless phones, phone masts and electrical wiring.  These frequencies disrupt our own natural communication pathways in the body which are so key for self-regulation, acting a little like interference on a radio, breaking up molecules, and affecting the rigidity of cell membranes leading to dysfunction and potential mutation – not great really!

The frequencies cannot be seen but are everywhere.  If they were visible they would quite literally be like a fog around us – hence the name ‘eSmog’.

And the biggest problem of all is that the body has no real natural defence against this type of disturbance so can’t address the issue like it can for toxins, bugs and bacteria.  As a result, once the disturbance is there it stays, leading to levels continually building as we move through life.  To add to the issues there are few treatments that can actually help to address the disturbance when the body can’t, with Bioresonance being one of the few that can.

So it can all sound quite depressing!  eSmog is a big problem for the body, impossible to avoid entirely, and difficult to treat.

But it’s not all bad news.

As with anything you do to improve your health every little step can help (Remember the glass of better health – you can read more by clicking here), and there is much you can do to reduce your exposure to EMFs without necessarily leading a ‘tech free’ life.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Keep your bedroom as free of electrical and EMF emitting equipment as possible.  This is where you spend a significant part of your day (6 – 7 hours asleep a night), and while you are resting your body does much of its important detoxing and repair work so you want to have as good an environment as possible for this. Therefore never charge anything in your bedroom, including your mobile phone! Don’t use an electric blanket or electric radio alarm clock.
  • If you use your phone as an alarm clock turn off the WiFi and Bluetooth at least, and if possible, put the phone in flight mode.
  • Turn off the WiFi router overnight.  Put it on a timer switch so you don’t forget.  Don’t leave electrical equipment on standby but switch off instead.  Contrary to what you may have been told, turning televisions, etc. off does not damage them!
  • Replace cordless phones, which are particularly disturbing for us, with a corded one.  If this isn’t possible use cordless phones with an ‘eco’ mode which cuts down the EMFs emitted.
  • It may be worth considering some sort of protection against eSmog but choose carefully as not all are as good as they should be or claim to be.  One of the most effective to protect your basic cellular metabolism, and one I would recommend, is the Mini Rayonex (click here to find out more).

So are you overlooking this invisible but so disruptive cause of ill health, and is there something you can do to reduce your exposure?  It’s certainly well worth the effort to make some small but so important changes to better protect your well being.

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