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Bioresonance Therapy For Your Pets

Animal owners are becoming increasingly aware of the potential problems from over use of modern drugs and vaccines, and are therefore looking for a more natural approach to the health and well being of their pets and livestock. Bioresonance therapy can offer this more natural, drug free solution.  This gentle, non invasive therapy uses the body’s own electromagnetic frequencies to remove imbalances arising from the presence of bacteria, viruses, parasites, toxins and chemicals, boosting the immune system, and therefore promoting overall health and growth whilst combating the stress and discomfort illness can cause in an animal.

Tallulah’s Story

We adopted Tallulah, an ex-farm cat, when she was about 3 years old.  When she came to live with us she had a bad cough which, on further investigation by the vet, was diagnosed as asthma and she was prescribed steroids to help alleviate the symptoms.  I wasn’t keen on her having steroids long term, given the possible side effects, so knowing how effective Bioresonance Therapy was proving with my human clients, and being aware of the use of Bioresonance with animals, I decided to try and see if treatment would help with Tallulah’s condition.  Using a sample of her fur I tested for imbalances, then created a remedy based on the frequencies she needed and started treatment. In a short period of time her cough disappeared and her breathing improved.  Tallulah enjoyed many more years of life after her treatment, rarely coughing and not requiring any steroids with subsequent check ups at the vets confirming that her airways were clear and her breathing fine.  She lived out the remainder of her life as a fit and healthy much loved pet – and is dearly missed!

Sarah Bainbridge: Founder of The Life Waves Practice



Treatment For Small Animals, Birds, Horses and Individual Livestock

Using the cutting edge Rayonex Bioresonance Therapy technology energetic imbalances, pathogens, toxins and chemicals in the body, which may be causing visible symptoms of illness, can be detected from analysis of a sample of the subject’s hair or feather.  Based on the findings of the analysis a remedy can be created which contains the required frequencies to rectify the imbalances and promote healing.

Initial Analysis – £65

A full analysis plus treatment of key disturbances.

Follow On Analysis –  £65

This is only available to animals which have completed an Initial Analysis.  Analysis is carried out to establish the ongoing condition of the animal and any further disturbances requiring attention.

Each analysis includes a full report of the findings with any additional recommendations for improving health, a specific remedy for your animal based on the required frequencies, a telephone overview of the results with a member of staff, and postage & packaging.  Remedies are provided as drops to be added to the animals food, treats or drinking water.


Please note: Whilst the Life Waves Practice recommends a holistic approach to health it is recommended to consult your animal’s vet for all medical conditions.


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