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Could it be that we’ve got our approach to health and keeping ourselves well slightly wrong? That the way we look at better well being causes us more problems than it solves?

Modern medicine, in the main, has developed into primarily a symptoms based approach. Whilst there is some attempt to encourage us to take care of ourselves, much of the focus is on dealing with symptoms when they arise – a situation made worse by the now very outdated but still prevalent idea that ‘the doctor knows best’, and as non practitioners we are fairly ignorant of our own health and bodies. At best this places so many of us in a position of trying to get well when issues have already become well embedded, but at worst has created a proportion of the population who take a ‘fix me’ attitude to their health – the idea that there’s no need to do anything to protect their own well being as someone else will sort it out when things go wrong!

Now don’t get me wrong – medical practice can perform miracles and there will always be situations where, despite your best efforts, health problems will occur. But even given that, doing what you can to keep yourself well can only ever be a good idea. So much easier to simply not get ill in the first place than try and sort it out when you have!  And even if symptoms do occur the more balanced the body is the easier you will heal.

So how should we be approaching our health?

It’s as simple as 3 steps…..

Step 1 – Prevention

‘Prevention is better than a cure’. There’s a reason why this old saying has endured, and that’s because it’s true!  As noted above it is far easier to keep well than to try and get well when illness occurs.  So taking the time to look after yourself pays huge dividends in the long run for your future health.  And it doesn’t have to be hard.

So for those of you who are regular readers you’ll have heard me say all of this before but it can bear repeating again!  Try and lead as balanced life as you can: eat a healthy diet, drink plenty of water, reduce your exposure to EMFs, chemicals and pollutants as much as possible, take regular, gentle exercise and watch your exposure to stress.

Step 2 – Protect

Previously taking preventative measures would probably be just about all you would need to do to keep yourself well.  However modern day living means that this can now only offer a level of protection.  Given the levels of toxins, EMF disturbance and food quality, for instance, you will always have a certain degree of exposure to less than desirable elements.  As such adding Protection into your health plan is also a good idea.

So what do I mean by protection?  Well it can take many different forms depending on what you’re looking at.  Here are some ideas to get you going …

EMF protection – These reduce the impact of the effects of EMFs. Rayonex products, for example, are particularly good as they help work with the body’s own energies and have been scientifically proven to work.  I would definitely recommend the Mini Rayonex.

Supplements, Herbs & Remedies – often seen as a way of dealing with symptoms, natural remedies and supplements also have a preventative aspect – increased Vitamin C and Echinacea to prevent colds and boost the Immune System, and Milk Thistle to support the Liver, for instance.  Remember though that if you choose this option not all supplements and remedies suit everyone.  Take care when using and, if possible, seek assistance from a qualified practitioner. Click here to read more about using supplements and remedies.

Diet – the food we eat whilst potentially causing some problems can also provide protection.  As with supplements do your tease arch carefully and again seek help if adjusting your diet – not all claims made by manufacturers are totally accurate (low sugar, for instance!).

Treatments – we tend to turn to treatment when things go wrong but treatments can offer a very effective preventative tool.  Complementary therapies with their emphasis on balancing the body and reinstating homeostatic balance are particularly useful. Bioresonance, for instance, is ideal for this as it is one of the few therapies that can help with many improved those modern day issues including EMFs.

Step 3 – Treatment.

As noted above,waiting until you get ill then turning to treatment to solve the problems without having tried to help yourself in the first place is not a great strategy. Treatment for specific symptoms, whichever method you choose, should only be used to address all those issues that unfortunately you have not been able to prevent or protect against – and given our modern world there will sadly always be the potential for these to arise despite your best efforts!  By using treatment in this way it will be more effective but make sure you choose a holistic approach which looks at the body as a whole and concentrates on the causes of ill health rather than just the symptoms – something like Bioresonance Therapy for instance!

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