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Prevention is always better than a cure, and we should all try and take more responsibility for maintaining our own good health.

But these days we seem to be bombarded with endless information, recommendations and advice as to how to do this.  From ‘standard’ approaches encouraging us to take more exercise, reduce obesity, eat this and not that, and take fewer antibiotics to an increasing interest in a more natural approach using diet, supplements and a wide variety of therapies, it can seem that achieving ‘better health’ is a complicated issue and hard work.  We can easily fall into the trap of thinking that the only way to feel better is by following complex plans involving strict eating options, exercises, therapeutic practices, and pills and potions (natural or otherwise) – a full time job!  It’s no wonder that many people simply become overwhelmed and give up!

But being healthy really doesn’t have to be so difficult.

The key is understanding where our ill health comes from.

Our bodies are designed to be healthy, and have all the mechanisms and processes they need to do just that.

Issues arise when these intricately balanced self-regulatory measures get out of sync, and this happens when the body is affected by a number of key causes.  Resolve these underlying causes and the body can restart to do what it does best – be healthy!

There is a growing awareness that pharmaceutical approaches, though helpful on one level, in general simply suppress the symptoms but – and here comes the controversial bit! – many natural approaches and therapies, whilst obviously less harmful to us, also aren’t really dealing with the underlying causes either.  And that is why, in order to provide any benefit, we can end up using such a complex range of different things.

But Bioresonance Therapy is different – and this is why I love it so much!

As many of you who have heard my back story will know, I too tried many different approaches to resolving my own health issues, both medical and alternative, and whilst I did get some relief I only really made progress when I came across Bioresonance.


Because the whole ethos of Bioresonance as a therapy is to resolve those underlying causes and gently rebalance the body to enable that all important self-regulation to work again – in other words allow the body to get on with doing its thing – being healthy.

And once those causes have been resolved and self-regulation re-established, all we need to do is to give the body some (uncomplicated!) support – reduce our exposure to chemicals and EMFs as much as possible, eat a good healthy low acidic diet, take some gentle exercise, provide some targeted supplementation if and when required (Echinacea and Vitamin D in Winter, Milk Thistle occasionally to support the Liver, for instance), and reduce stress by seeing it as simply the result of stressful thinking that, if left alone without being worked on too much, will also resolve itself because that’s what it’s designed to do.

And that’s it! 

No time consuming complicated plan, complex diet, daily practices, or mountains of supplements.  Just time to get on with our lives and be healthy.  Less to do than you think!

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