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Enjoy the same direct bioresonance treatment as you receive at the Practice but in the comfort of your own home. Using a Rayonex PS10 Basic bioresonance device you can enjoy a treatment session whilst having your morning coffee, reading a book, or watching television!

The ‘At Home’ Treatment option is especially useful at this time when you may not want to or be able to travel to the Practice for treatment but want to support your health as much as you can.

How Does It Work?

Analysis is carried out either in person, as with standard treatments in Practice, or using a hair sample as with the hair analysis option, and the frequency programmes required to address the identified imbalances are selected. Then, instead of these being transferred to your remedy for you to take at home, the programmes are recorded on a Green Card – a memory stick type device. You take this home and give yourself treatments 2 – 3 times a week using the Rayonex PS10 bioresonance device – a smaller and simpler version of the PS Polar machine I use in the Practice.

Treatments are easy – simply switch the PS10 Basic on, insert the Green Card and relax. No technical or therapy knowledge needed – just follow the treatment timetable provided for you by the Practice which will tell you how often to treat and for how long!

PS10 Basic devices are available to rent directly from Rayonex UK (the most economic option – see below for details) or, should you wish to make a longer term investment in your health, these devices are also available for purchase.


Is this option better than treatments at the Practice or the Hair Analysis?

The effectiveness of the bioresonance treatment you receive at the Practice is the same regardless of the method of delivery therefore the decision as to which option you use is really just a matter of personal preference.

The ‘At Home’ option could be for you if you live too far away from the Practice to attend in person, prefer to receive direct treatment rather than using the remedy, or if you can’t take the remedy.

In addition treatments using a PS10 Basic device can provide a more powerful individual treatment therefore potentially enabling you to see improvements in your health quicker.

How much does it cost?

Treatments (in the Practice or via a hair sample) to complete the analysis and identify the frequency programmes to be transferred to your Green Card are the same as the current standard treatments at £50 for a full analysis and £35 for a Top Up.

As noted above PS10 Basic devices are available to rent direct from Rayonex UK on a monthly basis.

And of course remember that if more than one member of the family receives treatment from the Practice then you can rent just one PS10 Basic and share it for home use making it an even more economic option!

If the ‘At Home’ option is of interest to you, you have additional questions, or would like to know more about how it could help you then just get in touch on 01947 605699 or email here.

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