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– Is This Always A Good Idea?

Boosting your immune system is often talked about with regards to better health,

whether that’s through the use of supplements and remedies, better diet or more exercise, for instance, and certainly having a good, strong immune system is a key part of good wellbeing as it plays such a significant role in protecting us against bugs, bacteria and other potential ‘threats’ in our environment.

But is taking action to ‘boost’ your immune system always a good idea, or could it be causing you more problems than it’s solving?

In one sense it almost seems like a silly question.  After all, it’s obvious that if your immune system is low you need to boost it in order to gain better protection from life’s ups and downs. But what if your immune response isn’t actually low?  What if, in fact, it’s too active?  In that case making it even more active is less helpful.

So let me explain.

We tend to think that the harder our immune system works, if our lifestyle is not as good as it could be, or if we are suffering from an ongoing complaint or general poor health, then naturally the processes that continually monitor our situation and prompt the body to generate an immune response will become weaker.  But this isn’t always the case.  In some cases these factors, and in particular things such as excessive stress, can actually rev our systems up further creating an overactive immune response which is as problematic as one that is too slow.  Obviously if, in these cases, you then take supplements or other action to further boost your immune system the situation can only get worse!

But how can you tell whether your immune system is too low or too high?

Testing with a therapy such as Bioresonance gives you a definitive answer, however your body will give you clues in the form of the type of symptoms you are having (though, of course, do bear in mind that we all have our own biochemistry and type of response so these aren’t necessarily a black and white diagnostic tool!).

If you are feel excessively tired, you seem to pick up every bug, cold and other aliment that’s circulating, or you feel a bit blue or actually depressed then chances are your immune system is on a go slow.  In this case taking Echinacea or Vitamin C, for example, to boost your immune system would be helpful

If, however, you are feeling anxious and unsettled most of the time, are suffering from allergies, food sensitivities or other similar symptoms, or have increased inflammation, digestive issues or breathing problems then your immune system may just be working far harder than it needs too.  If this is the case then consider staying well clear of those classic immune boosting options and instead work on reducing stress, a healthy diet,and consider seeking assistance to identify what is causing your immune response to over react.

So given that the state of our immune response can vary,

and that whether it is over or under active demands very different approaches to resolving the issues, perhaps we should start to talk less about purely boosting our immune systems and more about balancing them, as a balanced response is the one that is truly healthy!


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