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“The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well” Hippocrates 460 – 377 BC

Hippocrates is often considered the father of modern medicine – newly qualified doctors take the Hippocratic oath, for instance, with the premise of ‘First Do No Harm’ – another Hippocrates quote – forming the foundation (or at least should do!) of all any one of us involved in helping people to heal, by whatever method, should first and foremost base our work on.

When you study what Hippocrates had to say you can see that he very much took the view that the body has the capacity to heal itself given the right natural support, something beautifully embodied by the quote at the start of this piece.

But is this something we’ve forgotten?

And are we therefore missing a huge, and potentially powerful resource we could be using to help restore and maintain better health?

Whilst modern medicine works with, undoubtedly, the very best intentions (after all, as noted above, medical professionals are bound to work by Hippocrates principles), in some areas you could argue that harnessing this natural healing ability has been somewhat overlooked in favour of science and innovation.  As a result, we have all been encouraged, to a degree, to believe that the only way to solve problems we encounter with our health is through medication and interventions – that our minds and bodies are not capable of sorting out the imbalances, and symptoms that occur as a result, themselves.

But is this really true?

There is a growing body of evidence demonstrating what can often be seen as miraculous, spontaneous recoveries by people deemed terminally or seriously ill, all without any medical intervention or with maybe what’s considered a placebo or ‘dummy’ treatment, and there are many studies which show that the power of the mind – thought – can absolutely bring about real and measurable physical changes in our bodies.

And most of us realise on some level how much our mental attitude can influence how well our treatment, whatever that treatment might be, will work – for good or bad, including how much we believe in the remedy, trust the person delivering it, and how positive we feel in ourselves.  Whilst we all know that the body has intricate self regulation processes that continually work to keep us functioning properly.

So, in essence, our bodies have everything they need to be healthy and are therefore designed to be well

Our default factory setting so to speak, is one of good health.  That well being is always there – when things go wrong we don’t have to recreate it, build it from nothing, or go looking for it elsewhere.  We just have to remove the interference that has occurred which is stopping the body doing what it does best – heal.

Doesn’t this sound easier than having to take all the responsibility to ‘fix’ ourselves?

And knowing that we have a natural healing force to help with this, with a body that is already always primed for good health, makes it all even more achievable.

So are you making full use of your natural healing force remembering that you are actually designed to be well?

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