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Those of you who have been into the Practice will have seen the cushion I have on the visitor’s sofa with the slogan ‘Do What You Love’.

Not a bad guide for life really. Filling our days doing what we love to do fosters a sense of fulfilment, peace and happiness.  And we all know how good this is for our health …. those feel good feelings that quite literally make us ‘feel good’ as physiological changes occur in the body which protect the immune system and promote healing.

But what if we took the same approach to choosing the interventions, therapies and practices we’re going to use to keep ourselves healthy?

Often when deciding which route we are going to take to address any health issues we may be experiencing and to boost our wellbeing we’ll look at aspects such as the reported effectiveness of the treatment for our specific needs, advice from friends, family and experts, ease of access, and even things like money and cost.  But do we also consider our own personal preferences?  Doing what we love?

It is now well understood that the participants perceptions and feelings about the therapy, intervention, remedies or medication they are using plays a huge part in the overall success of the treatment.

Those who feel content with their choices, have trust in the outcomes and belief that it will help them will consistently have better results.  Not surprising really given that those feelings trigger the production of healing and balancing chemicals – a hidden boost!

And it’s not just the practice that is important.

The person providing the treatment is too – your therapist, medical professional or information source.  If you feel at ease with them, have a good relationship with strong understanding and trust then guess what …. you’ll do a lot better too.

So next time you have a health issue that needs addressing or when you’re choosing which route you going to take to improve and maintain your well being make sure that once you’ve done all your research and investigations that you ask yourself that final question … Am I doing something I love?  If you can’t honestly answer that you are then maybe you need to think again – for the good of your health.

But what if your choices are limited and you simply can’t do what you love?

There are times when you have little or no choice about the intervention we need to resolve our issues, and as a result we end up having to do or take something we’d rather not.  In this case maybe the second part of the slogan on my cushion can help …. Love What You Do.

Even in the worst of situations there is always something to be grateful for, a brighter side to be seen, or an advantage to be gained.  We just need to allow ourselves to see it.

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