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Water is essential to our health – we can’t survive without it!

We’re made up of 50-70% water, depending on who you speak to, so without it we simply wouldn’t exist. But it not only ‘makes’ us, it helps keep that ‘us’ functioning properly.  Water delivers nutrients to our cells as solvents, and transports harmful toxins and waste products away, and its ability to conduct electricity means that its’ molecules can arrange themselves into intricate and extensive circuits throughout the body which transport those important electromagnetic frequencies – so key to maintaining life giving homeostatic balance and self-regulation.


From a Bioresonance viewpoint of health, water is so important that we consider dehydration to be one of the key causes of ill health, whatever that ill health is.

And sadly, in our modern world, at any given point in time a large part of the population is significantly dehydrated.  Not good news!


However, ensuring you drink enough water can be difficult …

(and by this I mean actual plain water – tea, coffee, fruit juices and other soda based drinks don’t count – sorry!).

Our busy lives mean that it can often get overlooked, and certainly the current cold winter months don’t help.  Drinking a glass of water is probably not at the top of your to do list when it’s cold outside and all you want is a mug of hot chocolate!


But if you want to adopt just one good health habit for 2018, the quickest, easiest and cheapest thing you can do is to try and drink more water.

Here are some tips to help:

  • Keep a bottle of water with you whilst on the move, or a glass or jug topped up regularly at home or on your desk.  Take sips often.
  • Herbal teas contribute to your water intake and can make water more interesting helping you to drink more.  Limit fruit teas however.  These do help with hydration but can also be too acidic if used excessively.
  • Develop a ‘water habit’. Link drinking water to something you do regularly to help you remember.  So, for instance, every time you put the kettle on to make a hot drink have a glass of water while you wait for it to boil.
  • Don’t worry about the number of glasses, bottles, litres, etc. you drink.  Just take note when you go to the loo!  If your urine is a pale straw colour you’re drinking enough!

And a quick word about quality ….

Obviously it is better that you drink the best quality water you can – water that is free from chemicals, heavy metals and other pollutants.  Filters are a good way to achieve but do be aware that not all filters eliminate everything.  However drinking some water, even if it’s plain tap water or from a plastic bottle, is better than no water at all!

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