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Did you know that our technology driven lives, and all those electrical labour saving devices that are suppose to make life easily and therefore less tiring, could in fact be stealing your energy and affecting your health?

Elsewhere in this Programme we have looked at the effect chemicals in our environment can have on our health but the electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) emitted by mobile phones, wireless networks, laptops & tablets, electrical equipment, overhead power cables and nearby phone masts can also be detrimental.

So what is eSmog?

Well as noted above electronic smog, or eSmog as it is more commonly know, is the accumulation of electromagnetic fields emitted by electrical appliances, wiring, mobile phones, cordless phones, wireless networks and computers, for example. Described as smog, these fields create a blanket effect around us which, if visible, would look like a fog over almost everything, with particularly dense patches around the key sources as identified above.

Like chemicals on our environment the presence of eSmog impacts on your energy levels and your overall health. An increasing number of medical conditions, for example, such as Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and Chronic Fatigue, for instance, are beginning to be attributed to electromagnetic exposure.

So how does eSmog make you tired and sick?

The strong and weak electromagnetic fields emitted from any electrical or electronic equipment will interact with and affect the body’s own weak electromagnetic fields, therefore interfering with the natural balance and processes within the body.  As such the cells of the body become disordered and incoherent, cell membranes become more porous allowing increased amounts of toxins in whilst the electromagnetic fields can lead to break up of key molecules in the body. As your system struggles to deal with this disturbance it uses vital energy leading to tiredness, exhaustion and ill health.

As a result addressing the impact of eSmog is a key part of regaining your energy levels and improving your health


Completing An Energy Clean Up

 The levels of eSmog in our environment are increasing rapidly as more and more technology becomes an everyday part of our lives.  Avoiding the effects of EMFs is therefore almost impossible, and as technology forms such a huge part of day to day life not interacting with it at all can leave you very isolated from society which in itself is not good for your health. However there is always something you can do!  Dealing with eSmog is all about limiting your exposure as much as possible and taking protective measures when you can’t avoid contact.

The best place to start in order to improve your health is your home. This is one area where you spend a significant part of your day, and over which you have some control as to what is present and how it’s used!

Firstly you need to carry out an audit of your home environment for potential sources of EMFs.

Take a look at the worksheet and make a note of those eSmog sources you have in your home.

Download Your Environmental Energy Clean Up worksheet here.

Protecting yourself against eSmog can be relatively straightforward – it’s simply a matter of being aware of the sources then making some simple changes to how you use the technology. Some ideas for preventative measures are noted above but essentially you need to do one (or more) of the following:

  • Try and move sources of eSmog away from areas where you spend a lot of your time, e.g. where you sleep, where you sit to watch tell television or do a hobby, where you work, or where children play. You are aiming for about a 3-4 metre radius around you which is as free from eSmog sources as possible. Do remember what may be above, behind or below you as EMFs are not stopped by walls, floors and ceilings!
  • Switch off sources of eSmog when not in use and, if possible, unplug them. Even electrical equipment that is switched off but still plugged in will emit harmful frequencies.
  • If a piece of technology or electrical equipment can be charged try, wherever possible, to charge it away from you and use it off battery. You will have some impact from EMFs whilst using it off battery but charging at the same time doubles the disturbance. Never charge anything in your bedroom whist you are asleep.
  • Where sources of eSmog cannot be moved or switched off consider some sort of shielding. Whilst not a complete protection from EMFs these devices do reduce its impact on your body’s delicate energy balance. These are especially useful for mobile phones, computers, wireless routers and tablets.


Look at the list of eSmog sources that are in your home as you identified on your worksheet  For each one consider which of these preventative measures you can take and make a note.

Now work your way through implementing them. To avoid overwhelm tackle one room at a time.

Hint: start with your bedroom as this is where you spend the greatest part of your day!

If you do nothing else with regards to eSmog then do stop using electric blankets, cordless phones and wireless baby monitors immediately. These are the most disturbing sources of eSmog that you can have in your home!

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