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Q. What is Bioresonance Therapy?

Bioresonance Therapy is a painless, non-invasive, complementary therapy that uses the body’s own electromagnetic frequencies to facilitate good health. For more information about Bioresonance, what it is and how it works read the post, “What Is Bioresonance?” on our blog.


Q. If it uses electromagnetic frequencies will I get electric shocks?

Electrical frequencies are square wave frequencies and as such are usually damaging to the body’s natural energy systems. The Rayonex devices, like the one used at the Practice, have a unique dipole antenna system which produces non-electrically charged frequencies that are curved, like a sine wave. These are harmonious with the body’s own frequencies and therefore enhance rather than hinder treatment.


Q. Does it hurt?

No. The treatment is very gentle and non-invasive, working solely with the body’s energy systems.


Q. Do I need to get undressed for treatment?
No. The treatment is carried out fully clothed.


Q. Do I need to lie down for treatment?

No. You sit down throughout the treatment.


Q. How many treatments will I need?

This depends on the type of symptoms you have, how long you have been experiencing them, and the levels of disturbance in the body. Treatment programmes are designed specifically for you as an individual based on an assessment of your particular situation and cover a variety of areas including lifestyle and diet changes, to fully rebalance the body.  As a guide, new clients typically require a minimum of 3 initial treatments in order to reinstate the basic homoestatic balance in the body – a key element in achieving longer term good health and well being.


Q. How long is a treatment session?

Treatment sessions are around an hour long.


Q. Do I need to do anything or take anything between appointments?

If you attend the Practice in person your treatment is carried out during the appointment. You are given a remedy which contain the frequencies used in the treatment to take between appointments. These act as a boost to your treatment and are similar to coming back to the Practice to repeat your treatment every day; obviously it’s a lot more convenient to take the remedy!

Recommendations may also be made as to specific vitamins & minerals you may need to support your treatment together with advice, strategies and activities to do at home which again will further enhance your treatment.


Q. I don’t live near the Practice. Do I have to attend in person for treatment?

Distance is no barrier to receiving treatment at the Practice. I always like to meet my clients at least once if possible but it is not necessary to attend in person for each appointment. Analysis of the treatment required can be carried out using a sample of hair and the required frequencies transferred to a remedy for you to take at home.


Q. What conditions can be treated?

Treatment focuses on reinstating the homeostatic balance – the body’s own energy systems used to maintain good health, and as such is focused on treating the potential causes of ill health and symptoms rather than just the symptoms. Consequently treatment can potentially help with almost any condition.


Q. Is there anyone you can’t treat?

Bioresonance Therapy is a very gentle therapy as it only ever works with the body’s own energy systems. Consequently it can be used with almost anyone including children and animals. However, due to insurance restrictions it is not possible to treat you if you are pregnant or have a pacemaker.


Q. I am currently on medication and/or having other treatment. Can I still be treated?

Bioresonance Therapy is a truly complementary therapy as it can be used in conjunction with any other therapies, remedies, medication or treatments. As the therapy works to rebalance the body’s own energy systems it will only ever enhance other treatments.

Please note: Whilst the Life Waves Practice recommends a holistic approach to health it is recommended to consult your GP for all medical conditions.

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