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Join me for a free 6 part video series taking a new, fresh look at stress.

As part of Project Better Health I am inviting you to join me for a free 6 part video series taking a whole new look at stress, its impact on our health, and most importantly what you can do about it – and I can guarantee that this approach will be nothing like you’ve tried before and so much easier than anything else!

To join simply click here!

So why look at stress?

As you’ve heard me say many times before, stress plays an increasing role in the problems we have with our health, and for many of us just life in general.  Almost every day there are news reports about rising levels of mental health issues. It is something that has touched us all in one form or another at some point.

When I first started in Practice I have to admit that I was quite dismissive of stress as a cause of ill health in its own right, probably due to the fact that when I was ill myself, and the medical profession couldn’t find out why, I was told that it was ‘just’ stress.  Now looking back there was an element of truth in that but at the time the diagnosis was given in the context of ‘it’s all in your head and you just need to pull yourself together’, and I know that many of you will have had a similar experience. Not terribly helpful!

However, working with many clients over the years, doing more research and continuing to look into my own health, I have come to see just how much of an impact stress does have on our health – a very real impact, with very real, deliberating symptoms and not something you can just pull yourself together from!

Stress on our systems comes in many forms, from chemicals and toxins in our environment, physical issues such as injuries and diet, for instance, and also emotional stress.  Whereas it is, in some ways, relatively straightforward to do something about the first two once you are aware of the source and implications, dealing with our emotional stress appears to be much harder.  Could this be because we actually have the wrong understanding as to what that stress is and where it comes from? Rather like our efforts to keep healthy weren’t very successful when we had the belief that illness was caused by bad smells, and improved so much we when realised the truth, that it is actually caused by bugs, bacteria, etc, might starting to see what stress really is and why we get stressed vastly improve our approach to dealing with it?  It’s certainly something that the world of psychology is starting to look at, and it’s something I want to start to share with you too!


So how will it work?

It’s simple (I like to keep things easy!). Simply register by clicking here and receive a link to view all the videos in the series.  Then just work your way through them in your own time.

Now let me get something straight with you – with this new look we’re going to be taking there are no exercises to do as such, no new tools & techniques to learn, effort to manage your thinking, hours of journaling, therapy, or digging into your deepest, darkest past required.  Just a willingness to see something new, to consider the possibility that what we’re going to talk about might be true, and taking some time to see where it might be turning up in your life and how it could change things for you.

I can’t guarantee that by the end of the series you will be stress free (and you’ll see as you go along that actually you don’t need to be) but I can guarantee that you’ll have a whole new view of your stress – and who knows where that might lead!



If you would like to take part simply click here and let me have your name and email address so I can send you the link to the videos.  Remember it’s totally free so nothing to lose really!

And of course if you’ve got any questions then feel free to ask.  Just drop me a line by clicking here.

I really hope you join me on this exploration into stress and how it really works. It’s something even I’m still learning more about so great to have your company as we all see something new together!

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