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Is Your Home Or Work Place Making You Sick?

Does your health improve when you are away from home or do you feel better on a weekend when not at work?

Did you know that it could where you are spending your time rather than what you are doing that’s making you sick.

I’m going to share with you what is probably one of the most overlooked causes of ill health, why were you are can make you unwell, and how to combat the detrimental effect your house or workplace may be having on you.

So do you feel more ill in some places than others or has your health deteriorated since you moved home or office? If so your workplace or property may be affected by Geopathic Stress.  Described as disturbances in the natural energies from the earth, geopathic stress disrupts the body’s own electromagnetic frequencies and delicate energetic balance.

Spending time in geopathic stress can lead to ill health.

When you spend a long time in a geopathically stressed area a stress response is created in the body leading to raised blood pressure, ineffective digestion and raised acidity in the body which over time can lead to a weakened immune system.


So What Is Geostress?

The earth radiates natural energy in the form of a weak magnetic field.

This field is generated by the earth itself as a result of the rotation of the planet around its molten core.  Human beings have developed in conjunction with these fields with our health often being intrinsically tied to their presence.

However these natural earth energies can become distorted.

When the natural energies pass through underground earth breaks, known as shiftings, underground water courses or curry lines, a global grid of parallel electrically charged lines running around the earth they can become distorted.  In addition disturbances can be created by artificially imposed interference with these fields through mining, excavation, and building works, for example, or by energies emitted from the earth which are beyond the natural electromagnetic spectrum.

Distorted natural energies interfere with the body’s own electromagnetic frequencies.

These distorted energies cause disturbances which are harmful to many living things resulting in Geostress. Strangely, however, geostress is not detrimental to all things.  Cats and bees, for instance, often deliberately seek out geopathically stressed areas.  So where your cat always likes to sleep or where you find a bee’s nest may give you an indication of a geopathically stressed zone, and somewhere you should avoid!

Spending a long period of time in a geopathically stressed can ultimately result in an exhausted immune system leading to the development of disease.  It is thought that geostress, for instance, is a major aspect in the development of cancer with many studies suggesting that a significant number of cancer patients reviewed lived or spent considerable periods of time in geopathically stressed areas.

Children particularly are susceptible to this type of disturbance, often showing signs of behavioural problems or under achievement at school, unusual or late bed wetting tendencies, or unexplained recurring aliments with symptoms often worse on wakening or during the night, for example.


How To Protect Your Health From Geostress?

  • Change where you sleep! If you believe that you have geostress then consider your sleeping place. You may be able to tell if the location of your bed is an issue as you may be experiencing disturbed sleeping patterns, or waking up feeling tried and irritable.  If you suspect geostress try changing where you sleep, either by swapping sides with your partner and seeing if he/she begins to feel unwell, or moving the position of the bed altogether.  Do bear in mind though that you may be moving to an equally disturbed or even more disturbed area, so if you don’t see an improvement after a period of time try moving again!
  • Avoid geostressed areas. A similar approach needs to be taken to other areas where you spend long periods of time, for instance working or watching television, and where children place.
  • Check your property for geostress disturbances.Improve the energies in your home to help improve your health with ‘House Healing’. Healing your house removes and rebalances the non beneficial energies within your home like Bioresonance rebalances those in your body.The Life Waves Practice Home Energy Rebalancing service includes an assessment and clearing of the non beneficial energies from eSmog, Geostress and other potential sources within your home together with a report of the findings and personalised advice for further protecting your environment.  Simply complete our questionnaire and send us a floor plan of your property. To ask about the Home Energy Rebalancing Service contact us here.

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Despite having such a significant impact on our well being, Geostress is possibly one of the least considered causes of ill health.

Addressing its negative impacts is therefore possibly one of the most crucial things you can do to protect not only your own health but also the health of all those who live in your property.

Want To Know If Geostress Is Making You Sick?

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