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If you have a polluted stretch of river then naturally removing the contamination will improve the quality of the water.

But unless you locate the source of the pollution this will only ever prove to be a short term fix.  If left for a while the problems will return leaving you in the position of having to once again clean the area.  In effect you’ll be into pollution management.  To really solve the problem, once and for all, you would need to find out where the pollution is coming from and stop it at source.  You need to go upstream of the problem area.

Seems obvious really, and a principle we apply time and again in our lives.

But when it comes to our health we seem to forget it.  When trying to improve our wellbeing how many of us are actually only engaged in pollution management?

When our bodies have a problem they produce pollution in the form of symptoms to alert us to the fact that something is going wrong.

Often our initial inclination, or the approach that over the years we have been encouraged to take, is to immediately set on to try and clean the area – in other words deal with the symptom – either through using medication, or taking a more natural route with supplements, herbs or therapies.

Whilst this can appear to resolve the issue initially, like the pollution in the river, symptoms, either in the same format or different problems, will undoubtedly return as we haven’t dealt with the source – the underlying cause.  It is these causes that are really disturbing the body and creating disruption to that all important self-regulation designed so well to keep us fit and healthy – disruption that appears as symptoms.

And what are these sources of poor health?

Our health ‘pollution’ is either environmental – heavy metals, chemicals or EMFs, for instance, physical in the form of poor diets, dehydration, too little or too much exercise, or emotional – the stresses and strains of everyday life.  And given the format of modern day living most of us are subject to a combination of these at any given time.

Only by addressing these sources – reducing our exposure to environmental toxins as much as possible, improving our diets and better balancing our lifestyles, will it be possible to achieve the longer term solutions and better health we desire.

So are you caught up in pollution management, trying to address individual symptoms to resolve your issues?

If so, maybe it’s time you went upstream to find the underlying causes of your poor wellbeing and stop the pollution at source!

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