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Ok – so what I’m about to say is probably going to sound like a very odd thing coming from a therapist,

you might think that I’ve completely ‘lost it’, or that I sound as though I’m being flippant about your symptoms and health, but bear with me and it’ll all become clear as to why it’s none of those things.

So here goes …..

If you’re suffering from persistent, irritating symptoms, a health condition or just general tiredness and poor wellbeing but you’ve been searching for a solution for ages, trying lots of different things with no success, and are now becoming frustrated and disheartened then have you tried giving up yet?

Yes – you did read that right!

I have just said ‘Have you tried giving up yet?’ But stick with me – I promised I would explain why this makes sense!

So firstly note that I said giving up not giving in!  There is a BIG difference.

When you first read ‘giving up’ you probably immediately thought that this meant surrendering to your ill health, becoming a victim of it – thoughts like ‘If I do that I’ll never get well, I’ll just sit on the sofa all day getting more and more ill, etc, etc, etc.  But that’s what giving in is.  Giving up is very different.

Giving up is just, even if only for a moment, letting things be, pausing and drawing a breath, ceasing endlessly trying to work out what to do, taking a break from thinking about your health for a while and doing something else, acknowledging that just for now you don’t know what to do and that’s OK (because it is).

And why is this a good strategy?

Giving up allows our overactive thinking to settle and this is where the magic happens.

Despite what you might think (!) you do know what to do for the best for your health – we all do.  That quiet voice of common sense, inner knowing or intuition, whatever you like to call it, knows exactly what to do. It’s just that with all your busy thinking, trying to work it out and find solutions, you haven’t been able to hear it – rather like trying to hear a piccolo in the middle of a brass band!

Giving up and letting the noise settle not only calms your stress response (and believe me this is a huge help to your body alone) but also allows you to hear that quiet advice.  You find that you just know what to do, and it seems so obvious you wonder why you hadn’t thought of it before.

So rather than descending into a downward spiral of poorer health, more worry and more thought you’d get from trying to work it out or giving in, giving up allows you to easily and effortlessly move towards better health with solutions and answers which are perfect for you.

And that must be better – surely!

So have you tried giving up yet?

Perhaps now is the time to adopt it as your new health strategy.

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