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Here’s To A Healthy Christmas!

It’s that time of year again; a time of year when we all eat too much, good health intentions go out of the window and stresses can rise. But Christmas can be enjoyed without undoing all your hard work from during the year. Today I’m going to share my top tips for a stress free, healthy and happy Christmas so read on to learn how you too can not just survive Christmas but enjoy it!

Keep Stress Down

Don’t sweat the small stuff! Remember what Christmas is really all about – spending time with loved ones, friends and family, sharing and enjoying each other’s company.  Those perfect pictures in the magazines, on adverts and television are just that – pictures and not real life. It doesn’t matter if your home doesn’t look like a Winter Wonderland, your roast potatoes are frozen from Tescos rather than hand crafted like Jamie Oliver’s and the bows on your presents are crocked!

We All Eat Too Much Of The Wrong Things At Christmas – Fact!

But again with a few simple changes you can enjoy the gourmet delights of the season sensibly.  Remember the 80/20 rule. Try and keep your diet as low acidic as possible for 80% of the time and then that extra mince pie, glass of wine or brandy snap won’t matter. Be aware of rich sauces and cream based fillings, fill up with vegetables and vary meals to keep a good balance. What better than scrambled egg and smoked salmon for breakfast on Christmas Day – still leaving plenty of free ‘acidic’ capacity for Christmas.  Remember to drink plenty of water.

Protect Your Immune System.

A rich diet, time spent indoors, late nights and the general stresses of the season can seriously deplete our immune systems at a time of year when bugs abound anyway.  Protect yours with a good quality daily multi vitamin and mineral.  A daily dose of Echinacea is also good – increase levels if you feel a cold coming on.  80% of your immune system is located in your gut so help yours with a good quality probiotic especially given the extra pressure your digestion may be under!  Prepare your liver with a course of Milk Thistle prior to the festivities beginning – a good recovery strategy for post-Christmas or if you’ve over indulged too. Boost your vitamin levels at this time of year. Supplement if necessary and try to get outdoors for a least 30 minutes a day – a brisk walk is great to clear the Christmas overload and ideal to top up on Vitamin D.

Tap Your Way To A Happier Christmas.

Whist Christmas is lovely for spending time with friends and family, there are always those who can ‘push our buttons’ despite our best efforts. Great Aunt Ethal who always comments on your weight (and is never very flattering!) and Uncle Tom who complains the Turkey is over cooked every year, and for some the increase in social occasions can in itself raise levels of anxiety.  For those of you familiar with EFT try tapping on these perhaps less pleasant aspects of Christmas to reduce their emotional pull.

Gently Support Your System With Bach Flower Remedies.

For a quick ‘pick me up’ when things seem to be getting a little too much try a Bach Flower remedy as an easy and gentle way to rebalance you.  If panic about getting everything done in time is setting in try Rock Rose, feeling exhausted then try Olive, and if you’re beginning to feel overwhelmed then Elm is a good choice, or if you feel like you’re struggling on single handed then Oak is for you. Keep a bottle of Rescue Remedy in your medicine cabinet to help with any seasonal emergencies. Remember Bach Flower remedies are ideal for children – again Rock Rose may be useful for the little one who just can’t get to sleep on Christmas Eve!

And finally remember to take time for yourself

– a few minutes quiet is probably the easiest way to keep you relaxed and the best way to support your health at this time of year.


Have a happy and healthy Christmas!

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