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Are you overlooking one of the key aspects of ill health?

Labeled as very much a condition of our time, stress is considered to be one of the main causes of poor well being but did you know that with a few simple strategies it is possible to put a stop to the negative effects of this silent health saboteur and start to enjoy life again?

Stress is very much a condition of our time.

We all suffer to some extent from a ‘too much to do too little time’ lifestyle. Modern day living certainly doesn’t help with the need to be connected at all times via technology, the feeling that we have to cram as much into our day as possible otherwise we have failed in some way, and having to be a super mum/dad/employee by multi tasking as much as possible not to mention the increasing levels of chemicals, toxins and eSmog in our environment which also ‘stresses’ our systems.

But stress is really not good for our health.

Something we are all aware of really but possibly don’t understand the science behind it.  In essence stress increases your heart rate, directs blood away from your digestive system so it becomes less efficient and creates toxins in our bodies which impact on every one of our cells.  In other words, not great! So whilst there are some who will claim that an amount of stress is part of everyday life, and therefore good for your general well being, excessive or prolonged low level stress is really not that healthy at all.

So how to help?

Whilst deeper set psychological issues will naturally require more specialist assistance (and I would certainly recommend seeking this type of help if you feel it is appropriate for you) much can be done to address our everyday stresses, making life more manageable on a daily basis and helping to prevent issues becoming more pronounced – prevention is always better than a cure!

So consider the following to help reduce your stress levels:

  • Improve your diet. Reduce the amounts of sugar, defined carbohydrates and processed food in the diet, foods which ‘stress’ your system as it tries to digest it, and which spike sugar and therefore adrenaline levels aggravating your negative stress response further.
  • Ensure a good work/life balance. Balance is everything for better health so make sure that you have plenty of downtime to counteract busy periods. Even just stopping for 5 minutes can make the world of difference.
  • Learn to say no. You really don’t have to do everything for everyone!
  • Avoid environmental toxins which again ‘stress’ your system piling stress onto stress.

Live life feeling calmer and more at ease.

So if you imagine living your life feeling calmer and more at ease, and better able to cope with day to day stresses whilst at the same time protecting your health. By employing these simple strategies all of this is possible.

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