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Given the situation the world currently finds itself in, the question about how best to protect your health and wellbeing has never been more pertinent.  You should always follow official advice but here are  some additional common sense, simple measures that you can take to not only protect yourself and your family but also the wider community, and are not only useful at this present time but are helpful for protecting your health at any time.

Firstly, although it sounds simple and not that glamorous, regularly washing your hands and catching a cough or sneeze in a tissue then placing it in the bin and washing your hands, have always been two of the most effective ways to protect yourself from bugs and prevent them spreading, and the same remains true now.  Hand sanitisers are a useful alternative if you don’t have access to water, but nothing beats plain soap and water.  Commercially produced hand sanitisers can be high in chemicals.  If you are concerned, or are particularly sensitive to chemicals, then there are many more natural based products available should you wish.

Your Immune System is your other best defence to keep yourself healthy at all times, and is beautifully designed to do just that.  So another important measure you can take is to try and keep your Immune System as strong as possible.  And, as always, it doesn’t have to be difficult: Reduce your exposure to chemicals, pollution, and EMFs as much as possible, keep well hydrated, limit your consumption of sugars and refined carbohydrates by making as many of your meals as possible from scratch using fresh ingredients, and take some regular moderate exercise – all the elements of maintaining good balanced health.

And of course remember that stress is one of the key things that will deplete your Immune System, so keep it to a minimum.  Worrying excessively about the Coronavirus outbreak is not a good way to protect yourself!  If you do find yourself becoming anxious about the current situation then certainly keep yourself up to date with the ongoing guidance but avoid too much online browsing and media coverage which can only serve to raise your stress levels unnecessarily.

And finally, ensuring that you are well supported with regards to your general vitamin and mineral levels is also important.  As a general rule, supplements such as Vitamin C and Vitamin D are helpful as are other supplements such as Echinacea depending on your preferences.  Even a simple good quality multi vitamin and mineral supplement will provide your body with some generalised support.

Stay Healthy!

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