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Allergies make life a misery for millions.

But did you know that your allergy may not be purely due to pollen, dust, pet hair or what you ate?  So could you be overlooking the real reason you suffer during the warmer months?

Today I’ll be sharing with you what the real cause of your allergy misery could be, introducing you to the sneaky internal visitor  which means that the irritant isn’t the only reason you have unpleasant symptoms plus what you can do right now to banish symptoms for good and make life fun again!

Whilst many of us enjoy the lovely Spring & Summer weather, playing with pets and the food we eat, for instance, not everyone is so lucky.  

Sadly numbers of those suffering from allergies appear to be on the rise.

Allergic related conditions such as asthma and eczema, for example, are becoming increasingly common, with many now looking towards our environment as a possible reason why, due to more extensive use of chemicals, rising pollution and poorer food quality.  Whilst pollen, dust, pet hair, wheat and other food stuffs, for example, are triggering allergic reactions in people, and toxicity from our environment undoubtedly impacts on our health, does this tell the whole story in relation to allergies?


It is believed that there are, in fact, very few ‘true’ allergies.

Many people are actually suffering from intolerances to various things, albeit in some cases very severe intolerances.  It is thought that these intolerances result from the body trying to deal with the irritant in the way it should but not being able to as its communication systems have become confused and blocked by toxicity.


Toxicity from environmental pollutants, overly acidic diets and eSmog, for instance, make our tissues an ideal playground for bacteria, viruses and parasites.  

These factors impact on the body’s ability to react to irritants such as pollen, cat fur or dust as it should leading to those classic allergy symptoms.  A number of studies have identified that parasites in particular can block the body’s responses adding their own toxicity to the mix.


Classic approaches to dealing with symptoms involve avoiding the allergen and/or taking medication or ‘over the counter’ remedies.


But is there a different approach you can take?

A number of alternative and quite extensive investigations into allergies and health related conditions have identified the presence of toxicity in the sufferers’ tissues together with these other factors, mainly parasites. Parasites are often seen as a Third World problem and simply not an issue for us in this country due to our levels of cleanliness and overall health.  However, as more and more of us travel to increasingly exotic locations, and our food clocks up more air miles than a British Airways pilot, our exposure to a wider range of ‘internal inhabitants’ potentially rises.  Sadly cleanliness alone may now not be enough to protect us as some parasite eggs, designed not to be removed by washing food, enter our bodies and do not pass through to their onward destination as they should but settle in the inviting neighbourhood of our toxic tissues!


But how can your allergy symptoms be linked to a parasite as well as pollen, dust, pet hair or what you eat?

In their quest to survive and thrive parasites damage our delicate internal tissues and deprive us of our full quota of nutrition therefore impacting on our health.  In addition to these free meals parasites, as living organisms in their own right, carry bacteria and viruses which can ‘leak’ from them to us further increasing toxicity in our bodies.  More toxicity leads to yet more scrambling of those important messages controlling our body’s reactions to those grains of pollen.  Result – streaming eyes and a runny nose rather than, at worse, a simple ‘quick’ sneeze to remove the irritant, for instance.


So how do you stop allergies in their tracks.

By taking the following this one simple step:

Clean up toxic tissues.

Reducing your exposure to chemicals and pollutants and removing those troublesome visitors – the parasites, has been found to potentially help reduce allergic reactions.  

Improving your diet by limiting the amount of refined carbohydrates, sugar and alcohol to lower the levels of acidity in the body, using more natural cleaning products to reduce contact with chemicals, and being aware of your exposure to possibly less obvious sources of toxicity such as the harmful electromagnetic fields from mobile phones, wireless networks and our numerous electrical devices will all help to address toxicity making your tissues less inviting to parasites.  


So is now the time to finally stop the misery of allergy symptoms for good? Just imagine if you too could enjoy summer, being around animals, eating what you wish and simply living life to the full – and you can once you start to look at your condition from a different perspective!

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