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Feeling tired is one of the most common things clients comment on, and I’m sure it’s not unique to my Practice.  Therapists’ clinics and doctors’ surgeries across most of the Western world must also ring to the same complaint as tiredness and a lack of energy is perhaps the most widespread symptom we can experience.

And it’s not really a surprise.

Feeling tired is the body’s first way of letting you know that something is wrong.

Energy is the key component that makes everything else work, the fuel that keeps your body going.  Its basic element is something called ATP which is manufactured by thousands of batteries in each of your cells known as mitochondria.  We all know what happens to our technology, cars and other equipment when the batteries start to go flat or the power supply weakens, and your body is no different.

Normally if the body is in balance then you don’t have a problem.

Issues occur however when energy demands outstrip production.  Tiredness certainly is the quickest and easiest way your body can alert you to this state of affairs, but problems with your internal energy production can show up in many different, less obvious ways.  Do any of these apply to you?

Poor Immunity – the Immune System is one of the most energy hungry processes in your body.  When it triggers to protect you from bugs, irritants and other disturbances it requires an incredible amount of fuel to work probably.  Without an adequate supply it simply won’t be as effective as it should be.  And of course this can then lead to even bigger problems as those bugs it’s trying to protect you against can get more of a hold further triggering your immune response and further depleting your energy supplies – an uncomfortable and potentially very problematic vicious cycle!

Brain Fog – your brain is also a high energy user.  Just think of the effort required to continually process the information it receives about your external and internal environment, and the need to quickly and correctly interpret this to let the rest of the body know what it needs to do.  Without sufficient energy the mechanisms run slower and cognitive processing starts to stall – a bit like your computer not having enough processing power or disk space!  And the result – that fogginess, overwhelm and associated stress, anxiety and even depression we can all experience from time to time.

Sight and Hearing – the same cognitive processes as mentioned above will also impact on your ability to see and hear as well as you should.  Just think of how harder it can seem to see when your eyes are tired.

Aches and Pains – our muscles and bones undertake an incredible amount of work resulting in a high level of wear and tear which needs to be repaired.  And guess what is needed for that restorative work? Yes – energy!  Those aches and pains we feel are our bodies urging us to rest more so that it can carry out that repair when the process has been slowed due to a lack of resources.  And did you know that it takes more energy to relax a muscle then it does to contract it?  So if you’re feeling tense and have low energy supplies you are more likely to keep those tense muscles for longer resulting in yet more aches and pains.

Our internal energy supplies can, therefore, have a significant impact on our overall health,

and certainly issues in its availability can lead to all sorts of problems.  Consequently ensuring the effective ongoing production of that all important ATP by your mitochondria is a key consideration.

I’m sure you won’ be surprised to learn that feeling tired is such a big complaint in the Western world because of the lifestyles we lead.

The constant onslaught of toxins, EMFs, poor diets, over medication, stressful lives and a lack of exercise all take their toll on our poor cellular batteries.  So I’m sure you also won’t be surprised to learn that the best way to protect and boost your energy production is through lifestyle changes to reduce your toxic exposure, eat a balanced healthy diet, address stress appropriately, take moderate exercise, and support your immune system by dealing with symptoms that are already there.

And of course don’t forget the most obvious thing of all – take some rest.

Your body is telling you it is tired for a reason – it doesn’t have enough energy at the moment and it needs you to stop doing things so that it can replenish its supplies.  Pushing through your tiredness is the worst thing you can do as it simply depletes your energy further.  Sitting down for a while is a much easier solution then having to deal with serious health problems that can arise if you ignore the warnings.

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