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The overall pH of your tissues, how acidic or alkaline they are, is an important aspect of good health.

For ideal self-regulation the body needs a slightly alkaline environment as this enables those crucial chemical processes that the body uses to keep you alive to run optimally.  Too much acidity impairs this function whilst damaging the tissues themselves (acid, of course, is corrosive!), and providing an ideal environment for bugs and bacteria which in turn produce their own toxicity leading to yet more acidic conditions – a classic poor health vicious circle.

As such your body will work really hard to address any issues with heightened acidity.

And how does it do this?

It will try to detox acidity away as much as possible but if levels are too high then the detoxing pathways, your Liver, Kidneys and Skin for instance, can become overwhelmed.  As the body can’t store this excess acid (acid is by its nature very difficult to store!) it will then attempt to turn it into something more easily handled, a process called mineralisation as the body uses your own minerals, especially calcium, to neutralise the acidity.

Whilst this relieves the immediate problem it does create further issues. The resulting mineral deposits, or metabolic slacks as they are also known, need to be removed if possible.  Again if detoxing pathways are compromised the body will try to protect your major organs – the heart, lungs, kidneys and liver – from further damage by ‘dumping’ these metabolic slacks into areas considered less important – your muscles and bones, for example.

So again the immediate problem solved but potential long per term issues created as these metabolic slacks prompt inflammation, weaken ligaments and muscles fibres, and can in themselves attract bugs and bacteria creating yet more acidity – yet another vicious cycle!

So as you can see trying to prevent the body becoming acidic in the first place can help reduce problems further down the line. But how best to do this?

To be as effective as possible in keeping the body at the right pH it is important to first understand where the acidity is coming from.

Stress is a major factor in acidity levels.

The moment the body feels stressed or threatened, and therefore triggers your fight or flight immune response, it will go acidic.  Therefore reducing acidity is all about keeping stress to a minimum.

And of course remember that stress can come from a number of sources.  We tend to immediately think of emotional stress first but the body will also mount an immune or stress response to environmental threats such as EMFs, chemicals and toxins together with physical stresses such as diet (another area we tend to think of with regards to acidity), dehydration, injury, surgery, excessive exercise, bugs and bacteria.

But as acidity is related to these everyday stresses, addressing acidity levels needn’t be complicated – it’s really just about maintaining a healthy lifestyle with some very familiar requirements: eat a good balanced healthy diet, reduce your exposure to chemicals, toxins and EMFs as much as possible, drink plenty of water and address sources of stress in your life.

So is acidity potentially an issue for your health and could you take action to reduce it?

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