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So I thought I would dedicate this edition of Notes From The Practice to our furry and feathered friends –

those much loved pets and animals who we share our lives with. However we could be sharing more than we realise with them, some less than positive aspects of the modern world which could be impacting on their health.

So those of you who are regular readers will know that I often talk about elements in our environment which are increasingly compromising our health; the chemicals, pollution and harmful electromagnetic frequencies, or EMFs, for instance, that are so intricate to our day to day lives, but which can have such a potentially devastating effect on our delicate but oh so important homeostatic balance, those essential feedback mechanisms the body uses to keep us healthy.


But these disturbances aren’t reserved for us only.

Our pets and animals live in the exact same environment as we do, and are therefore affected in exactly the same way with very similar results for their health.


Animals are in fact far more ‘sensitive’ to negative energies than we often are.

In other words they respond to what they instinctively know is good or bad without all the thinking, and often erroneous reasoning, that humans do and which can simply get in the way! Consequently they can provide useful information as to what is currently ‘out there’ so to speak!  A cat, for instance, will actively seek out negative energy, so anywhere that your cat likes to be is probably not such a good place for you to be!  However cats must be able to go outside to ‘ground’ themselves in order to discharge this energy otherwise they become ill just like we do – a potential issue for indoor cats. Dogs will actively avoid negative energy so again if there is somewhere your dog doesn’t want to be chances are neither do you!

And when your pet becomes sick then they too are increasingly being treated with medication that can prove beneficial with regards to immediate relief from the symptoms, but, as with all medication, can potentially carry unwanted side effects.


So what to do to protect your animal companions?

Essentially the same approach that you would take with yourself. Minimise exposure to EMFs, chemicals and pollution, watch their diet and try to use foodstuffs that are as natural as possible and well suited to the type of animal. Specifically for animals though, allow them to follow those important instincts which are their natural defence mechanisms; don’t force dogs to lie somewhere they don’t want to and allow cats access to the outdoors wherever possible, for instance (If this is a logistical issue then do bear in mind that Bioresonance Therapy can remove the negative energy disturbance instead).

And with regards to medication and protecting the general health of their animals, many owners are now choosing a more natural approach for their pets as well as themselves – complementary therapies such as flower remedies, homeopathy and, of course, Bioresonance Therapy are becoming increasingly popular choices.

Our pets and animals give us companionship, love and affection so don’t you want to return that devotion and loyalty by ensuring they live in the best environment and have the best of health they can? I’m sure you do!

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