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Did you know that good health is really all about balance? 

Sounds simple doesn’t it but in reality achieving balance within the body is all there is to it.  The key is knowing what disrupts that balance, and what is needed to restore and maintain it.

Your body is a very complex organism with many different regulatory processes working on a multitude of levels to keep it functioning correctly.  These processes provide everything it needs; its own defence mechanism, its own repair functions, even its own internal pharmacy.  All of these are controlled by a system known as the Homeostatic Balance, hundreds and thousands of messaging feedback loops continuing running to allow the body to respond and adjust positively to its internal and external environment.

All well and good while there is that Homeostatic Balance but there are many things that can disrupt it, toxins, poor diet, disturbance from EMFs (Electro Magnetic Fields), and stress – sadly most of which is now an increasing part of our everyday modern lives.  Once the balance is lost those bioregulatory processes work less efficiently leading to an unbalanced and toxic environment in the body allowing for the growth of bacteria, viruses and parasites.  The result: we become ill.

But by following basic principles that support and work with those bioregulatory functions, it is possible to restore and maintain the homeostatic balance, and therefore good health.

For optimal health and homeostatic function the body needs:

  • Good hydration. Making up 70% of our bodies, water is an important component of many chemical processes, assists to deliver nutrients to cells and remove waste whilst its electrical properties enable the transmission of those key electromagnetic frequencies that form the feedback loops of the homeostatic balance around the body.
  • Healthy, balanced, low acidic nutrition. Acidic tissues, the result of a diet that is too acidic, makes cell membranes and nerve endings unresponsive, damages the delicate tissues of our bodies and creates a toxic environment – all of which disrupt the balance and are ideal for parasites, bacteria and viruses whilst a lack of the correct levels of vitamins, minerals and nutritional balance further impedes the body’s bioregulatory functions.
  • A ‘toxin’ free environment with limited exposure to chemicals and EMFs. When quantities of toxicity rise above the levels that the body can deal with, or if the body’s own eliminatory pathways including the liver, lymph and kidney are impaired in some way, the body will start to store toxicity within its tissues again leading to a disrupted homeostatic balance whilst eSmog creates a significant disturbance on the body, scrambling those important electromagnetic frequencies leading to confused communication and malfunction of the bioregulatory processes.
  •  Reduced stress. Stress, negative thinking, emotional blocks and phobias produce potential toxic chemicals which impact on our health and balance in the same way that environmental toxins do.

So to go back to my opening comment: Health really is all about balance – the Homeostatic Balance, and whilst that balance can be lost resulting in ill health, it can be restored and maintained through application of these basic bioregulatory principles.  Isn’t it time you supported your balance?

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