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But when it comes to your healthcare, is it really all about you as an individual?

This may seem like a bit of a contradiction. After all if you are receiving treatment then it has to be about you, doesn’t it? Well, yes in one sense and no in another.

Conventional medicine is very keen wherever possible to give your symptoms a name.

Whilst we all like to know ‘what’s wrong with us’ a named condition may not be that useful in sorting out our problems. After all surely the main issue is what is actually causing us to feel ill in the first place rather than what the ‘being ill ‘ might be called, and then of course what to do about it? Conventional medicine likes names. It can use them to put us in treatment boxes. If you have this condition then this is the recommended treatment so off you go.

In reality few of us are an exact fit for a treatment box.

We are all individuals and therefore what is causing one person to have certain symptoms may be different to what is causing someone else to have the self same symptoms.

Take two of my clients, Peter and Sally.

Both came into the Practice complaining of digestive symptoms; bloating, unsettled bowel movements and pain. They had both previously been given the same medication but neither had seen any significant improvement leaving them frustrated and unsure which way to turn next. On analysis using Bioresonance it transpired that for Peter the main issue was a collection of parasites and bacteria in his intestines whereas for Sally the issues actually lay with the liver. Standard IBS treatment would address neither causal factors.  By dealing with these factors direct both experienced significant improvement and now feel much happier as a result.

For healthcare to be really successful it needs to look at the person as an individual and not just a set of symptoms.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to be critical of medical professionals, many of whom desperately want to take this approach, but a lack of time and resources prevent them from doing so. It’s the system that fails us at times not the individuals.

Could treating ill health, therefore, using a personalised blueprint rather than a standardised ‘one size fits all’ approach represent the future for our healthcare and help people like you achieve the better health they are seeking?


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