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Undoubtedly levels of ill health are rising.

Conventional medicine is feeling the pressure – you just have to listen to any news programme at the moment to hear the latest warnings of how our NHS, for instance, is expecting overwhelm as we move towards the Winter months. Medical interventions seem to less effective than ever in some cases, despite the wonderful advances reported. And of course the debate about the overuse of antibiotics, and the subsequent rise in superbugs, gains ever more pace whilst, as you will have heard me say many times before, the very environment we live in can impact hugely on our health with rising levels of harmful EMFs, pollution and chemicals that we are exposed to everyday.

So in light of this rather gloomy prognosis what can we do to protect our health into the future?  

Well maybe we could look to a mechanism we have access to all the time, a process that has been developed and improved over thousands of years. So what am I talking about?  Our very own Immune System

Recent research is indicating that our own Immune Systems are the best placed to deal with the increasing pressures on our health, including those particularly problematic superbugs.

Beautifully designed to deal with any ‘threats’ to our bodies, a strong, fully functioning Immune System can quickly and easily reinstate the precious homeostatic balance, so key to restoring and maintaining overall good health.  But there lies the issue – in order to do its job the Immune System needs to be fully functioning and strong, something that in itself can be hard to achieve as those elements which are affecting our health in the first place also put the immune system under severe pressure so weakening it further. A bit of a catch 22 situation?


But there is an answer.

Here are my top tips for creating and maintaining a strong immune system:

  1. Eat a healthy diet. Good natural food provides essential nutrients, the building blocks of an effective Immune System, and remember to keep your diet low acidic with plenty of fresh vegetables, avoiding processed food and excess sugar, and drinking plenty of water.  Acidity encourages bugs and bacteria which only means your Immune System has to work harder.
  2. Use supplements if you feel you need extra help. Choose Vitamin D (particularly good for the Winter months), Vitamin C and Echinacea for good immune function.
  3. Take regular gentle exercise. Getting moving helps the Lymph System work better, your internal drainage system, therefore aiding detoxing. Your Immune System will love you for it!
  4. As a protective measure, and to address more deeply embedded issues, use Bioresonance Therapy. Its ability to work with the body’s own energy enables disturbances to be identified and rectified even before obvious symptoms of unbalance have emerged, aids the body to deal with anything that may have taken advantage of a weakened immune system, and rebalances and recharges the immune system itself.

So as the daily burden on our bodies continues to grow what can you do today to improve your own immune response and as a result better protect your health?

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