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The body has an amazing capacity to heal itself that we often take for granted.

If you cut your finger, for example, all we have to do is to provide a good environment (clean with maybe a plaster over it) and then leave things well alone.  Left to its own devices the body undertakes a highly complex set of processes that removes the damaged tissues and creates new ones, all without us thinking about it!

Whilst this is a relatively straight forward example there are many incidences of the body’s natural healing process performing seemingly miraculous recoveries, and in fact the placebo effect, as it is sometimes referred to, when people’s poor health resolves itself without any ‘active’ medical intervention, is the bane of researchers lives when the sugar pills they give to participants in medical trials as a way to establish the effectiveness of the pharmaceutical often prove to be at least, if not more, effective than the drug itself!

It would seem that there are many other factors apart from specific interventions that can influence how well the body’s own ability to heal works,

and, as a result, taking a few simple actions yourself can potentially significantly improve the process, either allowing the body to better maintain its own wellbeing or ensuring that any additional help you provide with therapies, remedies or medical assistance will have quicker results and be even more effective.

Here are some ideas to help you kick start your own natural healing:

A Balanced Lifestyle

Our bodies are designed to work best when in balance, and you can help to achieve and maintain that precious equilibrium by what you do in everyday life.  Eat a good balanced diet – cook as much as you can from scratch using fresh ingredients wherever possible to reduce your exposure to processed food, limit refined carbohydrates, and drink plenty of water, take moderate amounts of exercise and make sure there’s time for doing the things you enjoy as well as those you ‘have to’!

Moderating Stress

Surprise, surprise – stress has a part to play in reducing your natural healing ability!  The physiological changes that occur when you trigger a ‘flight or fight’ stress response impair our immune system, and it’s our immune system that is responsible for healing, not to mention all the energy we needlessly consume when stressed that could be put to much better use.

Remember stress is just the result of stressful thinking in the moment, a natural flow of thought that all humans are designed to experience. It only becomes a problem when we think it’s trying to tell us something important about our situation or we start to worry about being stressed.  Let it be and see how quickly it can pass.  And if stress is a problem for you check out my free video series to take a new look at stress and what you can do about it.


Not one you often hear me talk about but having trust in the therapist, therapy, medical professional or intervention you are using plays a huge part in the effectiveness of the treatment. This is thought to be one of the reasons why the placebo effect emerges.  People believe that the sugar pill or treatment they are receiving is going to help so it does.  Do you trust/like/feel confident with the action you’re taking for your health?  If not, it’s time to look for something else!

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