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Earlier this month I spent a few days away from the Practice on a training course with Rayonex, the company who produce the bioresonance machine I use for treatment.  I love spending time training with Rayonex as I know I will always learn something new.  Research and development forms a huge part of what Rayonex do – they are constantly looking for ways to improve the therapy as the world around us, and therefore the types of disturbances our bodies have to deal with, is forever changing.  And everything they learn they pass on to us as therapists so that we can then help our clients more.

As those of you who have been into the Practice for treatment in the last few weeks know, this latest training with Rayonex was no different, with many new ideas to help with therapy!

Continually training is an important part of many aspects of our lives, not just our professional careers.  I always think that the moment we think we know everything we’re scuppered!  It’s never possible to know everything because life changes.

But do we apply this philosophy to our health and wellbeing?

Well not always….

Often clients who come into the Practice will mention symptoms but only in passing, stating that they suffer from this or that but there’s nothing that can be done.  Or maybe they don’t tell me about certain symptoms at all believing there’s no point because they’ve been told it’s something that’s ‘incurable’  – there’s nothing more to be done and nothing new to learn.

But is this really the case?

Good health is all about balance in the body, the ability your system has to self-regulate itself.  Symptoms are just the way your body has of telling you that it’s temporarily lost that ability, and it needs you to start or stop doing something to help.  And as the body is always trying to return to a state of self-regulation, your natural default factory setting so to speak, there is always something you can do to help, always something new to learn.

Believing there isn’t just leaves you stuck as you stop looking for solutions, how to understand and support your body better. Of course you won’t improve if you never take action!

So what should you do?  

As I’ve talked about many times before, frantically rushing around anxiously trying everything you find may only serve to raise your stress levels further and put your system under more strain.

However, keeping a level of gentle curiosity, an open mind to something new, and a willingness to acknowledge that things change and we will never know everything could just help you find the answers you’re looking for, the support your body needs at this time, and improvements to the body’s self-regulation which can only ever lead to better health and wellbeing, whatever your current situation.

So what might be new for you to learn?

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