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Mini Bioresonance Treatments are shorter ‘treatment only’ sessions designed to address specific health concerns and conditions.  Using the wide range of researched and specially developed frequency programmes available on the Rayonex devices, these treatments provide targeted support for a variety of health concerns without the need for more detailed individual analysis.

These sessions are ideal if you feel you would benefit from some generalised support for your health, or you have a pre diagnosed condition which again would benefit from ongoing support.  They offer an easily accessible and economic approach to treatment allowing you to take advantage of the assistance Bioresonance can provide on a regular basis.

The following Mini Bioresonance Treatments are available:

  • IBS & Digestive Issues
  • Injury Recovery
  • Arthritis & Inflammation
  • Back & Neck Pain
  • General Pain Management
  • General Health, Immune Support & Detoxing

All treatments are 40 minutes long and cost £25

Please note:  If you have other health concerns which need deeper investigation, or more complicated issues that have not been pre diagnosed, you will need to book a full treatment session or hair analysis.  For more details click here.

Mini Treatments can be booked online here (please select the Mini Bioresonance Treatment option) or by contacting the Practice on 01947 605699 or via email here.


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