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Vitamins, herbal remedies and nutritional products are increasing in popularity as a means of maintaining better wellbeing and addressing health issues.  Certainly the body cannot function without a wide variety of vitamins and minerals, and, as such, a lack of appropriate levels is often seen as a major cause of ill health, whilst taking a more natural approach to dealing with symptoms can only ever be a good thing.

But is the use of these products an effective ‘treatment’ in themselves?

The body produces symptoms as a way of letting us know when that precious self-regulation, so key to keeping us healthy and functioning as we should, is lost.  In many ways these symptoms should act as an early warning system to alert us to potential problems, to encourage us to stop doing something that is less than helpful or to change our approach to life, for instance.  It is no accident that if we ignore these early signs then symptoms become more widespread and persistent as the body attempts ever more vigorously to get our attention.

It is therefore important to identify what is causing this self-regulation to be lost and, to be honest, this is rarely due to a lack of certain vitamins and minerals, for example, on its own.  The body doesn’t suddenly wake up one morning and decide to be deficient in something – there is an underlying reason – something that has ‘gone wrong’.

Of course, taking relevant supplements or remedies to address the ensuing symptoms is helpful.

They provide support to the body to enable self-regulation to be reinstated and also alleviate often uncomfortable symptoms – nothing wrong with that.  However if you don’t also address the reason why the issue arose then using supplements and remedies alone is just like taking pharmaceutical medication, albeit a more natural approach!  You may feel some immediate relief but the issue itself is not resolved which could potentially lead to more problems at a later stage.

So how best to use supplements and remedies?

As noted above they can be useful, and those of you who have had treatment at the Practice will know that we often test for those that are going to help you regain better well being so that you know exactly which to take.  But don’t rely on these alone to resolve your health issues.  Treat them as a part of the solution not the complete answer, and make sure that, in addition to taking a suitable supplement or remedy, you are actively working on identifying the underlying cause of your ill health and addressing these issues too.

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