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‘Treating The Person Not The Symptom’


So much of our current approach to health and wellbeing is based on symptom management – the view that in some way our bodies seemingly randomly ‘break’ producing unpleasant symptoms that need to be stopped as quickly as possible to make us feel better. 

And even if we choose a more natural approach to better health, using supplements, diet, lifestyle changes, remedies and therapies to improve our wellbeing much of the focus is again on alleviating symptoms – doing the work for the body because it for some reason can’t.

But is this really the route to better health?  Do our bodies really stop functioning properly for no reason and with no hope of recovery unless we take or do something?

Good health is actually our natural state. The body is designed to be healthy and everything it does, including those symptoms, is there to support and maintain our wellbeing. Our systems are a beautifully and exquisitely balanced collection of chemical processes, defence mechanisms, messaging pathways and repair agents that coordinate in an endless intricate perfectly managed way to provide constant self regulation – or in other words good health.

It can’t and doesn’t ‘go wrong’.

So why do we get symptoms and fall ill? 

Because the precious balance that the body needs to be well is lost, and with it your system’s ability to maintain that all important self regulation. And the symptoms you experience are your body’s way of alerting you to the problem.

The key therefore to better health and wellbeing is not to try and suppress each individual symptom, that clever warning system we all possess,  but to find out and resolve the reasons why your body has lost its balance in the first place – the underlying causes of your symptoms and poor wellbeing.

And what are these?

Well sadly many of the trappings of our modern lives; disturbances from the technology we use, the air we breathe and chemicals in our environment, poor diets, lack or excess of exercise and other lifestyle issues, and the general day to day stresses we can all experience. Even the steps you take to improve your health and deal with your symptoms, however natural they may be, can often add to the stresses your body is experiencing if they’re not the right thing for you.

Here at the Life Waves Practice we believe that a different approach to improving health is needed – one that helps not hinders the body to return to its natural balanced state where it can heal itself – something it is so cleverly designed to do!

We believe that the best way to do this is to treat the person not the symptom – to identify and address where that balance has been lost for you, why your body is struggling and the help your system needs to regain better health.

Our highly individualised approach harnesses the power of Bioresonace According To Paul Schmidt, an energy based therapy, to assess and deliver exactly what your body requires not just with treatment, but the precise supplement, dietary and lifestyle changes that will make the difference for you, that will work with your body not against it.

And we believe in simplicity.  Good health and wellbeing doesn’t have to be hard with torturous diets, health routines, endless pills and potions, and a lifetime of trying.  All you need to do is to find what’s right for you and do that – and we’re here to help.

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