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Mobile Phone Shield

The Quartz PhoneShield is a small round device that has been scientifically designed to reduce the harmful effects of radiation from mobile phones and small electronic devices. An essential anti eSmog device! Click here for more information and to buy.

WiFi Shield

The Quartz WiFi Shield reduces harmful effects of EMF radiation and is suitable for PC’s, monitors, laptops, cordless phones, wireless HiFi, TV’s, electronic games and microwave ovens. Another essential anti eSmog device!  Click here for more information and to buy.

Electro Essence

An Australian Bush flower remedy designed to gently support the body conteract the emotional effects of eSmog and other detremental energies in our environment. Click here for more information and to buy.

Nature’s Aid Multi Vitamins & Minerals

A good all round naturally produced multi vitamin and mineral supplement.  Ideal to take daily to support your body and gently address any deficiencies.  Click here for more information and to buy.

Whilst the Life Waves Practice makes these recommendations it is not responsible for the products themselves or any claims, advertising or studies made in relation to these products.

Additional Reading

Bioresonance & Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine by Donna Eden – Full of lots of easy exercises you can use to support and balance your own energies.  For more information and to buy click here.

Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis by James Oschmann – Written by a well known scientist, this book brings together evidence to provide an acceptable explanation for the energetic exchanges that take place in all therapies. For more information and to buy click here.

The Biology Of Belief by Bruce Lipton – Detailing the interaction between your mind and body and the processes by which cells receive information. For more information and to buy click here.

Geopathic Stress

Earth Radiation by Kathe Bachler – This book is the classic record of the identification and location of energies from the earth which are noxious to human beings and others.  For more information and to buy click here.

Are You Sleeping In A Safe Place? by Rolf Gordon – A ‘must read’ for learning about the potential energies that may impact on our health, the effect these energies have on us and how to ensure your environment is protected. For more information and to buy click here.

EFT & Energy Psychology

The Healing Power Of EFT & Energy Psychology by Donna Eden, David Feinstein & Gary Craig – A simple step-by-step instructions to help you: change unwanted habits and behaviours; enhance your ability to love, succeed and enjoy life and overcome fear usibng EFT. For more information and to buy click here.

The Tapping Solution by Nick Ortner – Another good EFT book with simple strategies tol help release fears and clear the limiting beliefs that hold you back from creating the life you want. For more information and to buy click here.

Useful Websites And Suppliers

Healthleads UK

Suppliers of supplements, healthcare and bioresonance devices.  All supplements are manufactored by Healthleads direct without harmful additives.  New customers get a 10% discount or buy 3 and get the cheapest free.

Safe Remedies Ltd

A family run business supplying supplements and healthcare devices.  UK suppliers of the herbal parasite cleanseVitaKlenze as recommended by the Life Waves Practice.

Be sure to mention the recommendation from the Life Waves Practice when ordering!


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