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Much of our focus with regards to better health tends to be on the physical body

how ‘well’ we feel often relates to whether or not we have any specific symptoms.   Modern medicine certainly takes a very ‘symptoms based’ approach with so much of its efforts directed towards reducing, or in effect,  ‘covering up’ what are seen as signs that the body is broken in some way.

Even if you prefer taking a more natural approach to health many of the supplements, remedies and therapies are marketed to us based on their abilities to deal with symptoms or conditions.

But in reality our bodies are far more complex than this view would suggest.

As I’ve talked about many times before symptoms, diseases and conditions are just our body’s way of letting us know that something has gone wrong with that all important self regulation, a self regulation that is responding to, and involves, far more than just the mechanical functioning of our various organs and systems.

The environment we live in, for instance, also influences our internal balance, as well as the level of balance in our lifestyles, stress, how content we feel with our ‘lot’ in life, if we feel resentful, put upon, unappreciated, unfulfilled in our jobs, or how cared for we feel in general.  Disturbances in our self regulation can be just as much related to problems in any of these areas as they can to the presence of bugs, bacteria and toxins.  And there are no medications, supplements or therapies that can effectively genuinely address these disturbances, despite what they promise!

But there is a solution – better selfcare.

So what do I mean by better selfcare?

Well it’s not a fancy new therapy or complicated lifestyle routine.  In fact it’s very simple.

All you need to do is to take a little more care of yourself! 

Taking time out of your busy schedule to pursue an activity you enjoy but never seem to have time for, a relaxing bath every now and then, a quiet walk in the country, treating yourself to something you’ve been labeling as frivolous, asking for some help if you feel overwhelmed with your work load, or having an honest discussion with yourself about whether it’s time to find a job you do enjoy (we spend too much time at work to be doing something we don’t like or goes against our values!).

Now you may be reading this feeling uncomfortable at the thought of doing something for yourself,

that it feels selfish in some way. But remember, this is as important for your overall well being as eating better and taking more exercise – so not selfish just protecting your health.

So is it time you focused less on just ‘healthcare’ and more on ‘selfcare’?

You’ll be surprised as to how much of a difference to your well being it can make!


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