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Imagine if you could find the answers and solutions as to why you are unwell, and finally resolve those persistent health issues…

At the Life Waves Practice we use a unique combination of Bioresonance Therapy, nutritional support and stress management techniques together with significant practical experience to empower our clients to turn their ill health into good health.

We help you find the answers you are looking for and implement the solutions you need to achieve long term good health by:

  • Quickly and easily identifying what is really making you ill
  • Removing and resolving those issues from the very first treatment
  • Achieving long term solutions to your health issues
  • Gaining the knowledge and understanding as to why you became ill in the first place
  • Using that knowledge to develop a personalised blue print for a simple natural approach to protecting your long term health.

Your body is a complex organism and therefore good health can only be achieved by considering and addressing disturbances on a number of different levels.

“I was suffering from acid build-up and digestive problems but felt that the medication I was on was only masking my symptoms. I decided that I did not want to rely on this long term.

I wanted to find out what the underlying problems really were and do something about these for a lasting solution. The treatment was relaxing and provided in a friendly but informative atmosphere. I am delighted that my original symptoms have improved, and I can now eat a varied diet without issues” – Jillian Hall

I am delighted that my original symptoms have improved, and I can now eat a varied diet without issues.

Services available at the Practice cover a collection of key areas designed to work together to assist you to resolve your health issues and achieve better health…

Bioresonance Treatment

Ill health and the associated symptoms are in essence due to a lack of balance in the body; disturbances to the delicate energy systems and the important homeostatic function that ensures our overall well being, and that have their root causes in pathogens, environmental toxins, acidity and chemicals.

Whilst these root causes remain the body will struggle to regain its health balance. Therefore to reinstate that balance, and the all important homeostatic function essential to keeping the body healthy, it is necessary to identify and remove those disturbing factors.

Bioresonance Treatment uses resonance frequencies to safely diagnose, test and address energy imbalances in the body, and is one of the key therapies used at the Practice to assist you in restoring and maintaining good health. To find out more about how Bioresonance Therapy works click here →

Your personalised Treatment Programme is developed to meet your individual needs based on the results of testing, and will cover key areas you specifically require to rebalance your body’s energies and restore better health including:

  • Identification & treatment of disturbances due to electromagnetic pollution (eSmog) & Geopathic Stress.
  • Checking & balancing of acupuncture meridians.
  • Analysis & balancing of the body’s pH balance.
  • Testing of vital substances, e.g. vitamins, minerals, trace elements and gut flora.
  • Checking and balancing of the body’s detoxing pathways – lymph, liver and kidney.
  • Checking and balancing of the body’s energy production.
  • Checking for the presence of bacteria, viruses and parasites where appropriate.
  • Treating of bacteria, viruses and parasites where appropriate.

To find out how you could use these services to resolve your health and well being issues click here to book your free ‘I Want To Feel Fabulous’ session →

Nutritional Support

The food we eat, and the vitamins, minerals and other nutritional substances it contains or we take separately, are key to achieving and maintaining good health. They provide the body with energy, its basic building blocks, and the elements essential for the numerous chemical processes used to maintain homeostatic balance.  However if what you eat at any point is not harmonious with your system, or you lack certain vitamins & minerals, this creates stress for your body disrupting its balance and impeding healthy function.

Ensuring, therefore, that your nutritional balance and supplement intake meets your body’s current needs is essential to restoring and maintaining good health.

The Practice’s Nutritional Support Service helps you identify how your diet may be stressing your system, how to alleviate this stress, and your exact vitamin, mineral and other supplement requirements needed to protect and support your health.

Using the Bioresonance Therapy approach, the Service is able to identify very specifically your exact nutritional and supplement needs, food groups that are currently acting as stressors for your system and individual irritants.

As your health improves your supplement requirements, and those foods that may stress your system, will change, so to ensure the best support for you at any given point your personalised Treatment Plan includes regular precise testing of your needs, together with advice on achieving a balanced, low acidic diet (so key to maintaining healthy tissues), and more detailed testing of any specific foods and other potential irritants that may be contributing to the disturbance your body’s energetic balance and associated symptoms as appropriate.

To find out how you could use these services to resolve your health issues click here to book your free ‘I Want To Feel  Fabulous’ session →

Stress Management

Phobias, anxiety, low emotional wellbeing and the general day to day stresses of everyday life impact on your health. Our thoughts are energy with each thought, both positive and negative, producing chemicals that affect every cell in the body whilst the body’s natural physical response to stress including increased heart rate, rapid breathing and disturbed digestion further affect the healthy function. As a result the body struggles to maintain homeostatic balance leading to the potential onset of niggling symptoms or more serious health issues. These, in turn, are a cause of stress and you can eventually feel caught in a vicious circle of increasingly poor emotional wellbeing and increasingly poor health.

Reducing stress, negative thinking, emotional blocks, and the level of daily stressors limits the impact of the potential toxic chemicals these thoughts have on our bodies and the physical side effects, and, as such, is a key element of restoring and maintaining good health.

The Practice’s Stress Management service provides you with tools,techniques and strategies to help manage day to day stresses and take the emotional heat out of anxieties, phobias and general worries with a personalised plan to achieve long term solutions using quick and easy to learn techniques  and strategies that fit effortlessly into your life.

Tailored to your individual need, Stress Management Support will guide you through an audit of your current stressors together with simple actions you can take to relieve their impact, a variety of ‘quick fix’ techniques to help you instantly deal with stressful situations and the effect these may be having on your health, more in depth help with particular stressors such as phobias where required, and direct ongoing advice throughout your Treatment Programme on remedies, supplements, environmental and dietary changes you can use to support your return to better emotional well being at any given point.

Your specific requirements are assessed as part of your pre treatment analysis and incorporated into your Treatment Plan as appropriate with supporting materials, additional resource suggestions, individualised advice and 1:1 support available as required.

To find out how you could use these services to resolve your health issues click here to book your free ‘I Want To Feel Fabulous’ session →

Environmental Detox

The environment we live in impacts on our health with disturbances such as eSmog, environmental toxins and chemicals contributing to the acidic toxic environment that pathogens including bacteria, viruses and parasites favour.

Chemicals, for instance form a growing part of these pollutants – it is estimated that since the 1940s between 80,000 and 100,000 new chemicals have been introduced into commercial use – whilst the levels of EMFs in our environment has also significantly grown over recent years. Disturbance from these interfere with the body’s own natural energetic balance disrupting its homeostatic healthy function leading to symptoms and poor wellbeing.

Addressing the sources of environmental pollution, reducing your exposure and counteracting the effect these irritants are having on your system is therefore another key aspect of good health. To find out more about how these impact on your health see Why Am I Ill? (link to blog post).

The Practice’s Environmental Detox Service provides you with treatment, guidance and support to improve the environment you live in including how to reduce, treat and protect yourself from EMFs, Geopathic Stress, chemicals and other sources of environmental pollution detrimental to your health.

The Service includes the direct removal of the pollutants from your body using Bioresonance Therapy as identified and incorporated into your own Treatment Plan, together with advice, guidance and support to improve the environment you live in.

You will be directed through an audit of your exposure to EMFs, pollutants and chemicals within your home, workplace and personal use, guided as to how to carry out a chemical clean up of your life, provided with personalised advice as to how to address specific identified issues for you, and given general guidelines to further protect the health of yourself and your family into the future all delivered as online supporting materials, additional resource suggestions and 1:1 support through your treatment sessions as required.

To find out how you could use these services to resolve your health issues click here to book your free ‘I Want To Feel Fabulous’ session →

Home Energy Rebalancing

Does your health improve when you are away from home or do you feel better on a weekend when not at work?

If so, your workplace or property may be affected by Geopathic Stress.  Described as disturbances in the natural energies from the earth, geopathic stress disrupts the body’s own electromagnetic frequencies and delicate energetic balance.

Spending time in geopathic stress can lead to ill health through the continual stress response created in the body leading to raised blood pressure, ineffective digestion and raised acidity which over time can lead to a weakened immune system. To find out more about Geopathic Stress and how it affects our health click here (link to blog post  Geostress & Your Health).

Consequently if you are living in a home full of non beneficial energies resulting from Geostress together with eSmog, and other environmental pollutants and energies, it may not only be impacting on your overall wellbeing but also reducing the effectiveness of your efforts to resolve your health issues.

The Practice’s Home Energy Rebalancing Service is an ideal addition to your Environmental Detox work and overall Treatment Plan, rebalancing the non beneficial energies from eSmog, Geostress and other potential sources within your home.  In effect the Service ‘heals’ your house rather like Bioresonance Therapy rebalances disturbed energies in your body ensuring that you are living in an environment that further supports your overall wellbeing.

The Service is carried out remotely using a plan of the property, and includes an assessment and clearing of the non beneficial energies from eSmog, Geostress and other potential sources within your home together with a report of the findings and personalised advice for further protecting your environment.

Do you want to know if your property is affected by detrimental energies?

Find out for *FREE*! Send me your address and I’ll dowse to find out if any of these energies are affecting your house and, if so, which.  Find out now!

To find out how you could use these services to resolve your health issues click here to book your free ‘I Want To Feel Fabulous’ session →

 Please note: Whilst the Life Waves Practice recommends a holistic approach to health it is recommended to consult your GP for all medical conditions.

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