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“So where do they come from?”

This must be one of the most common questions I get asked during treatment sessions at the Practice – usually by clients who have a slightly horrified look on their face!

What are we talking about?

Well this question usually arises at the point when we start to look at the disturbances in the body created by the presence of parasites, disturbances we all tend to suffer from as a significant proportion of the population has parasites to some degree or other.

Now parasites are probably the last thing you would think of with regards to poor health, and certainly the medical profession rarely considers this as a possibility – after all we’re an advanced country with good healthcare, good sanitation, good diets and a high standard of living in general. Parasites are only really an issue for human health in third world countries. Really?

In reality they are just as much a problem for us too

But in different ways maybe and for different reasons. In fact it is exactly that lifestyle that we think protects us from the issues of parasites which actually puts us at risk. How? Well this is where we can return to the question ‘Where do they come from?’

Parasites are an issue for us for a number of different reasons.

Firstly our more affluent lifestyles and the changing nature of travel means that we move around the world more widely then we used to increasing the possibilities of coming into contact with a wider range of things, including parasites. And even if we don’t travel our food certainly does, often coming with some unseen hitch hikers!  Secondly pet ownership is now higher than it has ever been, and although we love our furry and feathered companions they do, by nature, carry their own additional inhabitants with them, and again pets are not necessarily restricted to cats and dogs as more and more exotic animals are now being kept so potentially increasing the range of extra lodgers. The rise in young children spending time in nurseries also contributes to the problem. Children are not that particular about what they share with each other and those looking after them, and now have more time and opportunity to do so.

Actually even these reasons would not in themselves pose too much of a problem to us

As when the body is in good health it can deal with an invasion of this sort to a degree. The real problems occur due to the final reason for issues with parasites and that is the increased pollution in our environment.


Well the higher levels of toxins, heavy metals and chemicals our bodies come into contact with on a daily basis overload our internal detoxing mechanisms. As a result our systems become exhausted and levels of harmful toxins rise in the body making our tissues toxic and acidic, an ideal breeding ground for parasites, whilst the pressure on our bodies means that it’s defence processes, so cleverly designed to deal with invaders, simply works less well and therefore can’t stop them taking hold.

So really parasites are all around us

On the surfaces we touch, in the air we breathe, the food we eat, the animals we keep and the other human beings we interact with. Consequently coming into contact with them is inevitable. Being affected by their presence is, however, not, if you’re aware of the dangers.

Bioresonance can remove any parasites already in your system 

One of the nicest ways to deal with parasites in my opinion! – and taking care to protect your health, maintain your homeostatic balance and reduce your exposure to as much of those problem causing chemicals, toxins and pollution as you can will enable your body to better deal with any you are likely to pick up in future. Being aware of possible sources can make you a little more vigilant and take more preventative measures such as washing your hands, not kissing pets, etc.

And in the meantime try not to look too horrified!

They really are just like weeds – a thing with a purpose that’s just growing in the wrong place!

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