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“We are responsible for our own bodies and at fault if we neglect them.  Our health is our most precious possession.  Why wait to fall ill, and regret that we did nothing to preserve and care for nature’s gift?” Domonique Loreau

Over recent centuries, as modern medicine has progressed, we have been increasingly encouraged to leave matters relating to our health in the hands of the ‘experts’.  After all, what do we know in comparison to a trained medical professional with access to all the latest research and specialist knowledge?

It is absolutely true that there are hundreds of fantastic, highly trained individuals working in our health services across the world

People who are quite literally saving lives on a daily basis.  But on the other hand should we be placing all the responsibility for our ongoing well being in their hands?

Although there will be many who disagree with me, my answer to this question is no.

Absolutely if you require specialist or emergency medical assistance you should seek help from the relevant professional.

However problems are now occurring with the ease of access to this assistance, and the effectiveness of the ‘cure’ once we get help, partly due to that view that we can’t or shouldn’t take responsibility for our own health – that the ‘Doctor knows best’.

Common sense tells you that the longer problems have been occurring, and the more set in symptoms are, the harder it is to reverse the issues and restore better health.

And yet many times now, even if you do try to address problems at an early stage, you may well be told that you simply ‘aren’t ill enough yet’!  Whilst the idea that we don’t need to take care of ourselves because someone will ‘fix us’ when things go wrong means that more and more people are falling into the trap of poor health and the difficulties associated with that.

And even if you prefer to take a more natural approach to your health the same issues can occur.

However good a complementary therapy is, it too will struggle to resolve health issues that have been allowed to progress and spread for too long.

As noted in the quote above, our health is our most precious possession so why wait to fall ill before we do anything about it?

And taking responsibility for our own wellbeing doesn’t have to be hard.  Making small changes to your diet, lifestyle, your exposure to chemicals, EMFs and stress can make a huge difference, and of course seeking help from whatever medical approach you prefer as soon as possible if things do start to go wrong can only be of benefit.

So are you ready to take responsibility for your own body and its health – to preserve and care for this most precious of nature’s gifts?

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