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As I have commented before, from time to time I get a number of clients coming into the Practice all with the same symptoms. Coincidence?  Possibly, but what I tend to find is that this sudden rise in specific disturbances reflects a wider issue in our environment; the sudden escalation in certain pollutants, viruses, bacteria and even parasites for instance.

So in the last few weeks I have seen such a ‘run’ on a specific symptom and this time it’s gallstones.

You probably know what gallstones are – crystalised mineral deposits that form in the Gall Bladder, the small organ that lies just below the Liver and produces, amongst other things, bile which the body uses to digest fat. What is perhaps less well known is that they can form in the Liver too.  The ability we have to test for gallstones with Bioresonance, and experience of this amongst the many clients I’ve seen over the years, indicates that most of the population actually have gallstones. Luckily for many of us they are small, both in size and number, and therefore go unnoticed. But for the unlucky few they can cause a range of issues from niggling twinges to excruciating pain which can, in some cases, lead to hospitalisation and wider problems with the Liver itself.

So what causes gallstones?

Standard medical practice cites a poor diet, high levels of cholesterol, a genetic disposition and sheer bad luck as the reasons you can get gallstones. Whilst all of these (except the bad luck!) undoubtedly contribute to overall poor health and therefore the development of gallstones as a result, they don’t tell the whole story.

Gallstones are in fact a symptom in their own right,

the reaction by the body to a deeper underlying cause, and as with all such situations this can mean that treating just the gallstones, often by removal of the Gall Bladder, is simply masking the problem, leaving that underlying cause to continue to cause problems, usually in the Liver at some point in the future.

 So what is that cause?  

Well anything that disturbs the function of both the Liver and the Gall Bladder, in particular anything that starts to block the delicate tubes and ducts and, as a result, stops the normal flow of fluids through these leading to the buildup of sediment and the formation of stones.

And the main disturbers?  

Usually a group of parasites called Flukes; relatively large, leech like organisms with Liver Flukes and Blood Flukes being the most likely. And the sudden rise in gallstones issues?  It appears primarily due to the rise of Blood Flukes in our environment, an issue I’ve mentioned before with regards to the Lymph System (they really are a nuisance those blood Flukes!).

Gallstones are something that respond well to Bioresonance Therapy.

Over the years I have seen many clients suffering to varying degrees with these symptoms and have had many successful outcomes. Using the drug free and non-invasive approach of inverse frequencies it is possible to correct the energy imbalances not just from the gallstones themselves but the underlying causes, including those flukes! – whilst also strengthening the function of the organs, resetting their important detoxing processes, and boosting the immune system to protect against future issues.

But of course prevention is always better than a cure so how to reduce your chances of developing gallstones in the first place?  

As with most things the key lies in achieving and maintaining better health with a good diet, reducing exposure to chemicals, pollution and EMFs, and keeping stress to a minimum – so no surprises there then!

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