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Early this year a study was completed in Switzerland, and the results were both amazing and worrying, identifying one key element that is present in around 95% of all ill health.  That seems such a high percentage doesn’t it? But in effect this study actually confirmed something that has become increasingly evident over recent years.

So what is this key cause of poor well being?

Well I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that the one thing behind such a high percentage of illness is in fact stress. After all it has already been identified as causing a high number of sick days in business every year whilst recent campaigns are raising awareness of the issues surrounding mental health, and the very sad rise of these type of problems particularly in our younger generations.

So why is stress such an issue for our health?

Stress is, in effect, an immune response by the body.  Your system responds to any threat, either external from our busy lives or internal from toxins, chemicals, etc in the same way – the well know ‘flight or fight’ response.  Blood is diverted from the brain and digestive organs, for instance, to the muscles to help you take prompt action to defend yourself, your heart rate increases and so does your breathing rate, as well as heightened production of adrenaline and cortisol which leads to increased inflammation.

This, in itself, is not a problem.

After all your body is designed to do this in order to protect you and ward off the threat.

The issues arise if this state continues for too long. Your system is designed to experience increased stress for just 20 minutes in a 24 hour period, and after just 10 minutes of a stress response damage can start to occur to tissues and cells.

So no wonder the prolonged stress our systems can now be subjected to in our modern lives can cause so much ill health!

So what to do?

Firstly you need to know where the stress is coming from.  You will probably be more familiar with sources of external stress; too much to do, a difficult boss, the queue in the supermarket. There are many tactics for addressing these though I have recently discovered a truly powerful, and extremely easy way to deal with this type of stress but more about this in later posts!

The other less obvious source is that which affects you internally; pollution, poor diet, chemicals and, of course, the bacteria, parasites and viruses which take advantage of the poor internal environmental these pollutants create.

So my advice for these will be very familiar to regular readers – eat a low acidic diet, reduce exposure to chemicals and harmful EMFs from mobile phones and WiFi, for instance, keep well hydrated, and take some gentle exercise especially in the fresh air – all standard Bioresonance principles for improving and maintaining better health – a true lifestyle choice rather than a one off exercise, and another reason why looking seriously at your environment is so important for your overall well being.

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