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I’m currently reading a very interesting book

‘L’Art De La Simplicité – How To Live Better With Less’.

The basic message appears to be that, certainly in the western world, we are becoming increasingly obsessed with having more – possessions, experiences, space, happiness – the list goes on. But it is these very things that actually clutter up our lives, becoming things we have to maintain, store, clean, look after and pursue, leaving us very little time for actually living.  By having less, the author argues, we can have more time and space to be us and enjoy life without all the stress.

Whilst some of her ideas may be a little extreme to follow letter by letter

(the idea, for instance, that all a woman needs in her handbag is a lipstick, phone and some money – really?? Not everything including the kitchen sink then? I knew I was doing something wrong!) I can see the underlying argument and it got me thinking about how we may be falling into the same trap with our health.

Is our view that more is more when dealing with our health actually harming the very wellbeing we’re trying to achieve?

Everywhere you turn these days there’s advice about how to improve our health.  Whether this is more medication, or pharmaceutical ‘quick fixes’ to get rid of symptoms as quickly as possible, or better dietary advice, the latest natural remedy or therapeutic practice, the message is the same – ‘the more you do to keep healthy the healthier you will be’.

But is that really true?

Well it really depends on what you’re doing and why.  If, for instance, you’re taking supplements or remedies your body doesn’t actually need, or you are trying every therapy you read about from a place of fear as to what might happen to your health if you don’t, or maybe heavily restricting your diet, over exercising or a combination of all of the above, then potentially all you may achieve is to stress your system further leading to an increase in symptoms and overall decline in wellbeing as your body struggles to cope. Quite the opposite, no doubt, of what you intended!

A simpler approach could instead provide more benefits.

A balanced lifestyle with a sensible diet, avoidance of Environmental Toxins such as chemicals as much as possible, gentle but regular exercise, and targeted but specific support for any disturbances to the body’s natural self-regulation as and when needed, places less stress on the body and certainly less stress on you with fewer health related plates to keep spinning so to speak!

So could you be guilty of taking the ‘more is better’ approach with your health

and, if so, would you perhaps benefit from touch of ‘simplicity’ instead?

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